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Personal Freedom Through Discipline…Do You Have The Depth of Character to Step-up In Life?

Are you researching how to train like a warrior, get fit, stronger and enjoy the spoils of fitness?

Dear Friend,

Thanks for visiting, John Mignano here…

Here’s why I love bodyweight training and maybe why you’ll love bodyweight training too?

One of the topics people talk about bodyweight training is that it can be hard…

Just to be clear, we don’t promise you bodyweight exercises will be easy or make you stronger…faster.

Bodyweight training may be a simple process…

It’s not an easy journey, so don’t expect it to be….you’ve got to build a solid foundation of success and resilience.

This is the stuff NOBODY is revealing to you because they know it’ll scare the holy-crap out of you and of course, their ego won’t allow them.

I don’t give a f____ about my ego.

You must know the truth about bodyweight training if you truly want to be successful.

I know of nowhere else you’re going to get a completely 100% open book look of the good, bad and ugly.

I want to guide you in your bodyweight training and help you avoid injuries… so you can progress faster and less painlessly.

Are you experiencing personal freedom on a daily basis?

Freedom to explore who you truly are as a unique individual and not being afraid?

Have you asked yourself what’s holding you back from more power in everyday life? 

Are you exploring the fears and tug-of-war in your own life?

Are you someone who has mastered mental well-being and physical health?

bodyweight training exercises
Personal freedom could mean free from being trapped in self doubt?

Free from negative habits because often the biggest bottleneck to reach your peak in life, fitness and better quality of lifestyle is in making hard decisions…

Here’s how we’re going to help you crush all your excuses:

  • Why bodyweight exercises are effective for increasing muscle strength
  • Applying bodyweight overload principle to maximise muscle growth
  • Importance of mind muscle connection when building functional muscle
  • Maximising leverage to increase body weight exercise difficulty
  • What type of muscle contractions to use for optimal results
  • Bodyweight superhuman and under tension principle
  • Bodyweight training tempo to increase workout intensity
  • How to use bodyweight fitness protocol to blast through plateaus
  • Bodyweight training program and exercise layout explained
  • Plus much, much more…

If you can nail rep after rep of the chin up and pull up…so we salute you.

Hoisting your body weight from a dead hang is no easy feat.

It requires tremendous amounts of upper body strength and muscular endurance.

As you understand the basics of biomechanics, you can adapt and improve your bodyweight training program and improve your results.

Yes…one of my biggest passions in life is bodyweight training…

High intensity, bodyweight workouts are success foundation of weekly training (superior results the natural way).

Do you believe you can control your destiny?

Ultimate in Superior Results and Human Performance…Revealed!

Is your goal the ultimate in human performance?

No 1 bodyweight training is for pro-active, motivated, determined people who want superior results and make changes in their lives.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes because there are no shortcuts or magic to get you results…

Want to live a long, healthy, energetic lifestyle through proper training and nutrition programs?

We’re genuinely here to help educate you about eating right and training your body with respect…

Frustrated and struggling with your lack of muscle growth?

You focus on recovery and you focus on really good intense exercise that you’re doing…

The focus on nutrition and exercise is not only paramount to success, it’s going to help you win everyday battles.

You see, the individuality of bodyweight training means you’re figuring out what works.

You’ve got to test and see what works for your own personality…

And you need to chip, chip, chip away and continue to evolve and change.

That’s the nature of personal growth, improvement and life isn’t it?

This formula helps separate you from more experienced competitors and everyone else!

Our goal with No 1 Body Weight Training is to help you live an energized, strong, fit, healthy, powerful and long life.

Starting from today at any age or level, we’re going to guide you on a fantastic journey of total body transformation.

Whether you have never worked out a day in your life, you’re a devoted fitness enthusiast or advanced body builder, you’ll benefit from this No 1 Body Weight Training System (1BTS).

In fact, many myths about bodyweight exercises will be shattered and shredded as you train.

You’ll understand what it really means to build muscle and shed fat using your own body via bodyweight training…

Are you exercising consistently and still not getting results?

No 1 Body Weight Training System (1BTS) will push you to become mentally tough.

And force you physically to meet the demands of every day life…

You’ll make use of a combination of health, performance and fitness components to support your goals.

And be able to “ramp up” your functional fitness in life including sports and other challenging environments.

The 1BTS components include cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, mobility, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, speed and power.

As a member of No 1 Body Weight Training community you must demonstrate a high level of functional fitness.

And ability to use the bodyweight training components to perform every day related tasks efficiently and effectively.

The Advantages of bodyweight training…

When you do not have access to a gym, fitness facility or equipment, you can use bodyweight exercises to maintain cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Bodyweight exercises: push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges don’t require free weights.


Resistance training equipment because your own body weight provides resistance for each specific movement.

No 1 Body Weight Training System (1BTS) is a high level physical fitness training program which can be performed anytime…anywhere with limited space and no equipment.

1BTS is a bodyweight training exercise program which combines functional fitness training.

Including core stability exercises, resistance training and aerobic workouts.

Together this enhances your endurance, mobility, agility and power.

Each bodyweight training session is made of 3 building blocks, warm-up, workout and cool-down.

Yes…it’s all about right mental approach, key is nutrition, smarter training, programming and rest.

Bodyweight training for fitness, functional muscle strength and power for everyday life…

Want to be part of something special?

Everybody knows that in order to thrive and achieve the ultimate goal, first of all we have to be fit…

In the gym of life you’re boss, so you got to know what to do and what has to be done to get real results.

Want to join the No 1 most powerful bodyweight training community for superior functional fitness, muscle strength and incredible everyday healthy lifestyle…are you ready?

Now for the biggest thrill of all…

Once you figure out what your OWN style is…

That’s when your results really start to SHINE.

If you’re ready to start building strong, lean body you always wanted without ever stepping foot in a gym…

And we’re always here to help you.

We want you to get the most out of using 1BTS for your everyday life. 

The no 1 fact you need to know about me is I’m a fighter.

When I get knocked down, I get right back up again and again and again…

I don’t ever quit…

And I believe that’s really the “secret” to success.

Combine that with always learning and implementing knowledge in a structured testing environment and you have what makes 1BodyweightTraining.com vastly different.

What I do everyday isn’t work to me, it’s passion and nothing drives me more than helping you get massive results.

We’re here to help and in the process you can benefit more from 1BTS in your lifestyle.

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P.S. Understand you may want to ask a lot of different questions and that’s not a problem, realistically it’s probably going to be difficult for us to cover everything in one article, John has learned a ton over the past 30 years or more.

At the end of the day, we’re here to help you with a personalised body weight training and nutrition plan to fit your specific goals and lifestyle…including flexibility so you can get results and stick to moving forward consistently…

Feel free to visit contact section or get in touch with our friendly support team.

Thanks, you’re appreciated…

Reach Your Peak

bodyweight training

John Mignano

The No 1 Body Weight Training team

P.S. No 1 Bodyweight Training is dedicated to you and anyone who wants better quality of life, enjoy bulletproof health, sustained energy, well-being, superior results, personal freedom with more fulfilment in life…

Need help?  No problem…contact us here.

Information in this website is presented with good intentions, no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed. We have no control over physical conditions surrounding application of information in this website and authors disclaim any liability for untoward results including any injuries or damages arising out of any person’s attempt to rely upon any information herein contained. The exercises and training program described in this website are for information purposes and can be too strenuous or even dangerous for some people. Use this information at your own risk

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