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Body Weight Training You Never Out Grow…

Reach Your Peak: Get In The Best Physical and Mental Shape Of Your Life

When it all boils down, it’s like a slap in the face…

All of a sudden you knew the old excuses were… old… and this is your future.

Keep this in mind as you continue reading every word of this timely post…

Dear Friend,

You could argue there’s never a good or convenient time, yet there is certainly the right time.

Isn’t that time now?

The risk…

The challenge…

Seeing what you’re made of…

The thrill of discovering the real you?

The more you can handle in life, the more you long for adventure.

You bite-the-bullet today and become a warrior (be it trainer) to find personal freedom, not to be a slave right?

You take on challenges and risk of injury, why?

Because you know if exercise is done right, your health and strength provides plenty of energy and lot more enjoyment in quality of lifestyle.

Dedication + focus + effective training = power for every life

Body weight training is not a new trick or fad, real people are doing this daily.

And it works. Period!

There’s no one-size-fits-all and no perfect background or qualification for becoming a warrior.

Your unique experiences serve as your greatest strengths! 

One barrier that holds a lot of people back is the fear they don’t have what it takes to become a fearless warrior.

If you feel this way, you’re not alone…


Overcoming your natural tendency to procrastinate isn’t always simple and clear.

First, you need to get an outside of your day-to-day thinking and get an elevated perspective.

This elevated perspective is based on reality with a viewpoint which is no longer supported by excuses.

Whenever I’m pushing myself or a coaching student to the next level…

We need to go right to the root and identify a stumbling block.

Listen, I’ve literally told myself and heard every excuse in the book:

  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t know how to do it
  • I don’t like doing this…

Do any of these excuses sound familiar?

Most excuses have nothing to do with real reasons for falling behind.

Let’s explore what those reasons are…

Quickly identify those gaps you don’t know how to do and get training or get someone to help you…immediately.

Everyone has the same amount of time, right?

To be blunt, this excuse is a victim stance on reality.  

Who chooses what you do with your time?

YOU do…

Could you manage 15 minutes every other day?

You’re not going to magically get skills, experience or training to overcome sticking points if you don’t take action.

And if you don’t know how to do any exercises, start by asking questions and getting guidance.

Whether you’re an enthusiast or full-time trainer, if you’ve passion there’s no reason you can’t be amazing.

You already have what it takes, roll up your sleeves and actually get results?

We’ll happily show you how to focus and help take the next step to keep you moving forward… 

We teach you everything you need to know about how to train and achieve your health goals.

Building your dream body, strength, fitness and conditioning takes a leap of faith.

Achieving your goals takes persistence…

Stay true to yourself and purpose, because it takes a big dose of resilience.

You don’t like doing this…best advice you could ever get?

There is only one skill-set you need, no matter what life throws your way…

This one skill-set gives you ability to always land on your two feet and quickly.

“Knowing how to protect your health”…

Let me clarify something because there is usually a lot of confusion around this.

Health, both physical and mental, it doesn’t matter who you are, ingrain into your head.

Have you ever heard of something called conditioning?

It’s something an infinitesimally tiny number of people seem to understand or believe anymore.

And sadly, even fewer actually practice conditioning or functional fitness.

What excuses are holding you back?

Personal freedom awaits if you’ll fight for it and take action.

Every great warrior learns to master the physical and mental emotions with power for everyday life…

All warriors use the same inner power and this power is within you.

Is there any guarantee of success?

Yes, of course 100% of success is in your hands.

You can change your future by changing the present…

No.1 Body Weight Training offers you the most powerful, highly effective, athlete proven, dynamic strength and endurance with bulletproof health.

We live, breathe fitness, nutrition and fun.

We help you achieve your goals, enjoy personal freedom and better quality of lifestyle.

Be the best fearless warrior within and enjoy more power for everyday life

Reach Your Peak

bodyweight training

John Mignano

The No.1 Body Weight Training team

The Power of Decision, Be Prepared to Sweat!

P.S. No.1 Bodyweight Training is dedicated to you and anyone who wants better quality of life, enjoy bulletproof health, sustained energy, well-being, superior results, personal freedom with more fulfillment in quality of lifestyle.

Need help?  No problem…contact us here.

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