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Body Weight Strength Training for Men: Invitation Only Insider Access

Body Weight Strength Training for Men: Invitation Only Insider Access

How to Be The Success Architect and Live a Life of Epic Proportion Building Your Dream Body!

Do you want a real transformation and live a life to be more dominant, confident and powerful?

Have you ever been to your local gym, seen people clueless, wondering aimlessly around doing random exercises? 

Tired of feeling stuck? Just maybe you’ve been going around in circles with no real plan or program to follow not getting any results?

Ever wonder why 95% of body weight strength training programs fail? 

Keep reading because you understand the significance and value of every word on this page better than anyone…

Dear Friend,

Yes, this is all about YOU…

Do you want to harness the power transforming your weakness into strengths?

transforming weakness into strengths

And channel strengths towards your personal freedom?

If you’re interested and want to dig deeper into this topic, I encourage you to read other posts further above.

I don’t want to leave you hanging, that’s why we include many interesting topics and studies.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution and that’s why doing your own testing is so important:

What excites you?
What drives you?
What pushes you?
What inspires you?

Do you know the no.1 reason why you want to do body weight strength training? 

Listen, may be you have help or self-doubt related questions about your abilities to get results and successfully continue doing body weight strength training routines on a regular basis?

Do you feel its a confidence issue or you’re not strong enough to do these type of workouts?

Is one of your biggest fears in life being left behind?

Is it a challenge or you just think you won’t reach your peak?

OK, I bet it’s not what you think… 

Can I ask a personal question that may really help?

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to body weight strength training? 

Are you critical about your strength training workout vulnerabilities?

Look, I’m going to be very direct (blunt) and to the point…

body weight training program

And for those men that are jaded and hurting emotionally or aren’t mentally tough…

They might for whatever reason believe there’s no way to do body weight strength training?

Men with training skills and experience this probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you…

There’s no hiding or pretending, only the fittest, strongest, smartest dominate and survive…

Are you second guessing what the most effective and best workouts you should do?

Are you unsure if body weight training will benefit you in the long run?

Do you get frustrated, bored, stuck and is it a constant struggle?

If you’ve been training for a while, are you living the dream?

Are you considering buying specific training equipment?

Are you out growing your body weight workouts?

Are you really performing at your best?

Are you satisfied with your results?

So you’re kinda out of excuses…

body weight strength training

Want to move into focus and unstoppable clarity?

Give yourself permission to pursue this dream and get resources you’ll need to succeed.

We are offering you a small victory today with many more daily victories to come.

Today may feel like any other day…

Except for one factor which is different.

The real difference is between thinking and not thinking. 

Today, you’re asking yourself if investing in your health and better quality of lifestyle is the right decision for you?

Loosen up, stop thinking and perform…

It really doesn’t matter what goal you want to reach right now, put yourself in a stronger position to confidently build strength with momentum so you can keep moving forward…

You dominate one area of exercise at a time, even if you do a lot more than one exercise.

You want the daily victories, right?

You can get access to proven and tested program with specific solution that’s right for you.

It’s part of an experimental success architect, body weight strength training program by invitation only…

Experimental success architect? (keep reading to find out)…

Fact, your body needs variety of workouts to constantly improve, grow, stretch and not break.

We took time to do an in-depth needs analysis survey to determine biggest sticking points.

And carefully selected movements and exercises which get the best results.

Yes…you need a number of different exercises and movements.

And many you may not have done before pushing you to your limits!

Why would you want to personalize and experiment with new exercise challenges?

Do you want the same results and problems, because one-size-fits-all or cookie cutter workout programs don’t work.

And this is where most other programs fail…

Do you see the difference?


You want to keep building upon a foundation of strength while moving forward with momentum…

You need to take into account your body type, individual skill, conditioning level, training history and experience.

That’s why you want to be the success architect or unconventional personalized training approach.

You want to use variety of exercises which allows you to experiment…

You continue to be the success architect, so you know exactly what set and rep range gets you maximum results.

The result is superior core strength, functional fitness and stronger muscles…make sense?

Key to daily victories and overall training success is to lower your risk of injury (repetitive-use injuries). 

It’s really important once you’re able to do one exercise, you experiment with new exercises.

If your goal is superior strength leveraging your muscle adaptations, it all comes back to variety.

The success architect body weight strength training program goes a long way to ensuring your training is physiologically stimulating, more interesting, more fun and rewarding.

What current workout options to do you have for training?

Do you prefer to workout private at home?

Gym, mixed group, playground…what suits you best?

Perfect…this is going to be the right success architect program for you.

The body weight strength training and success architect program shows you how to get it all…

Interested in becoming one of a select group of 25 insiders who get personal attention?

Want insider’s access to never before seen resources?

Plus fun extras so you always get maximum results from your body weight strength training.

There’s a lot of nitty gritty details to cover…

And because there are too many right now, we won’t go into it all…

Here’s what you need to know if you want to get insider access to:

  • Exclusive opportunity to help us design awesome cutting-edge, next generation products to take you to next level of super-hero body weight strength training results
  • This could easily eclipse everything you’ve EVER done in your training and way beyond
  • Members only community where you can get personal help and interact with feedback
  • Huge savings exclusive to insiders members only (get paid to partner up with us)
  • Bonus personally autographed certificate on program completion

Once you experience successful workouts using success architect, you’ll never look back and might want to look even beyond the horizon…

body weight strength training order

Actions speak louder than words…

If you aren’t satisfied with your body weight training results…

If your body doesn’t look the way you want…

If you’re unhappy with aspects of your life…

The breakthrough Success Architect program can systematically and consistently help you make transformations.

Here are final thoughts to share which may help you make this decision…

It’s 100% free to join for this week, did you catch that?

bodyweight strength training

You aren’t really going to pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity are you?

I’ve seen so many wimpy men bitching, whining and complaining about what other men do!

You can do body weight strength training because you no longer have to hope and pray or wait and see…

You’ll know how to get maximum results in less time. Period!

Are you seriously into health, fitness, body weight strength training results?

And ultimately enjoying better quality of lifestyle?

Now is the time to live a life of epic proportion, it’s all about you.

OK you probably have a sense of whether this is going to be a valuable experience for you…

And if it’s time to take the next step forward.

We’ve helped a lot of other people do this and we’d love to help you too.

Take massive action, not just talk or think about it…

body weight strength training order

Imagine you’re the architect of your success (controversial)

We think you’ll like it and find it valuable and very intriguing. 

Please post your comments and let me know what you think…

power for everyday life

Simply reply to this post with the word “Yes” and we’ll reach out to you with more information on how you can get started.

This a totally unique and brand new superior results program that has never been offered in the market.

Trust me when I say it’s totally unique.

Look forward to connecting with you soon…

Reach Your Peak

bodyweight training

John Mignano

The No.1 Body Weight Strength Training Team

P.S. You see, I can’t for the life of me figure out why this program wouldn’t interest you, if for some reason you still remain disinterested that’s fine.

Just don’t complain you’re not getting the best results you really want and deserve…

P.S.S. Simply reply to this post with the word “Yes” and we’ll reach out to you with more information on how you can get started.

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#1 Body weight training is all about physical mental success which is a personal choice to effectively push limits. Finally are you ready to take your results to next exciting level? The goal is help you succeed with advanced, proven, powerful, dynamic toolkits. Ultimately you can maximize, boost, grow and reach your peak. Experience epic success faster because you deserve more power for everyday life!

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