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Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight Exercises

If You Want To Get Lean, Strong, Fit, Healthy and In Shape… 

Exercise and nutrition MUST be individualized for you and your goal.  

There are of course the general exercise principles and nutritional guidelines…

If there is one key link in the chain to dial-in your life, it’s your optimal nutrition.  

Nutrition makes up everything that you are and do…  

Exercise can lead you to a life of longevity, peak performance, strength or power.

Nutrition gives you abundance of energy or it can lead you to a life of fat-gain, depression, low libido, unhappiness and disease.  

The importance you place on understanding what you should be eating will tell a lot about your path in life.  

Choose it wisely…

If you want to improve the way you feel and be more successful.

Exercise is the best kept secret, right?

Could this be the most powerful approach ever devised?

Hi Friend…

Do you want to be fit, lean and healthy?

Do you want to learn how to move with strength and ease?

Would you like to get into the best shape of your life?

what is mental toughness

What is mental toughness

Time to set the record straight…

There is NO such thing as the PERFECT workout!

Everyone out there these days can make the claim their workout is the magic workout you’ve been looking for all your life.

Well, we call that BS!

If there truly was a magic, easy workout plan, everyone would be walking around fit, lean, chiseled body and healthy.

What if you only accomplish one goal today, what will that one goal be?

Do you remember that guy or gal that gave up?

Well, neither does anybody else…

Look, we want to be straight with you, because it’s one thing to say you want to exercise and another to actually do it.


Are you waiting to see what would happen?

You know what?


Much to your surprise…bodyweight exercises work like gangbusters!

In fact, bodyweight exercises work so effectively you almost thought it was a fluke, right?

But it wasn’t a fluke…

They say good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their asses and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Why? Simply because you refuse to be average and you want more out of your life.

Harness The Power of Being Fit, Healthy, Strong for Sport and Everyday Life…

Well, we want to give you real world bodyweight exercise substance, not theory…

Bodyweight training is revolutionary, remarkably effective for regaining mind-body control.

And ultimately bodyweight exercise gets you fit, healthy, strong and powerful by using tried and proven old-school techniques.

You see, every morning a gazelle wakes up…

The gazelle knows it must be able to outperform other gazelles.

In fact, run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.

Every morning a lion wakes up…

The lioness knows she must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.

In reality, it doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or gazelle…

Each day the sun rises so you’d better be running.

That’s It Folks…

Bodyweight training program combined with your own body weight workouts.

They say the will to win depends on your will to prepare.

Whether you are just beginning on your journey for a leaner better body or wanting a proven approach for training at home, on the road or on the go…

Bodyweight exercises are a one-of-a-kind life skills you’ll use again and again.

Nothing left now but to do it…

We’ll be targeting all primary muscle groups, arms, chest, shoulders, back, core, thighs, glutes and calves.



Bodyweight exercises are generally grouped into 3 classes:

  1. Push – you use pushing movements to exercise your body against gravity
  2. Pull – you use pulling movements to exercise your body
  3. Core – involves contraction and stabilisation of abdominal-gluteal 

All bodyweight exercise variations use abdominal, gluteal, back and leg movements.

These exercises effectively works your body’s muscles against gravity.

Most bodyweight exercises can be progressed or regressed to match your abilities.

Progression or regression strategy allows people of nearly all ages and levels of fitness to use bodyweight exercise.

In general, bodyweight exercises often require much more flexibility and core stability balance.

And increasing the amount of repetitions focuses on improving fitness and endurance.

Strength gains are made by increasing intensity of exercise through decreasing leverage and working through a full range of motion.


Bodyweight Training Is Easier Said Than Done…

Bodyweight exercises can quickly be increased in intensity by variations of angle and/or approach…

(ie, mechanically disadvantaged position) changing amount of leverage, using unstable platform or including additional weight.

For example: wearing weighted vest, holding barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell or sandbag.

Bodyweight circuit and benefits of bodyweight training…the sky’s the limit.

Click play button to watch results of 3 month extreme bodyweight exercise training plan…

Bodyweight exercises do not have to rely solely on body weight to provide resistance.

The decision to train with a particular method should be based solely on your own goals, therefore your own needs.

Now, at last all these revolutionary bodyweight exercise methods / techniques are available to you:

  • Bridge
  • Burpee
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Star Jumps
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Clamshells
  • Dips
  • Seated Dips
  • Vertical Leg Crunches
  • Shoulder Touch
  • Cross Punch Sit-ups
  • Leg Raises
  • L-sit
  • Leg Hold
  • Lunge
  • Side Lunges
  • Jumping Lunges
  • Toe Taps
  • Raised Leg Plank
  • Bear Walk
  • Rocking Chairs
  • Shove Offs
  • Planks with Rotations
  • Climbers
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Wall Mountain Climbers
  • Pec Crawl
  • Dive Bomber
  • Elbow Plank Arm Lifts
  • Pec Flies
  • Side Triceps Extension
  • Crab Walk
  • Hip Raiser
  • Air Plunges
  • Doorframe Rows
  • Surface Triceps Extensions
  • Arm Rotations
  • The Roof Is on Fire
  • Push Up
  • Classic Push Up
  • Staggered Push Up
  • Handstand Push Up
  • Chinese Push Ups
  • Reverse Hand Push Up
  • Feet Elevated Pike Push Up
  • Side To Side Push Up
  • Get In Line
  • High Knees
  • Close Grip Push Ups
  • Wide Grip Push Ups
  • Military Press
  • Pike Shoulder Presses
  • Shoulder Drop Push Ups
  • Deep Push Ups
  • Staggered Hands Push Up
  • Bouncing Push Ups
  • Semi-Planche Push Up
  • Planche Push Up
  • One-Arm Push Up
  • Arm Lift
  • Elbow Plank
  • Spiderman
  • Superman
  • Fly Steps
  • Sitting Twists
  • Pull
  • Human Flag
  • Muscle up
  • Pull Up
  • Let Me Ins
  • Let Me Ups
  • Towel Curls
  • The Claw
  • Core
  • Crunch
  • Hyperextension
  • Planche
  • Plank
  • Star Plank
  • Up and Down Plank
  • Russian Twist
  • Standing Knee Raises
  • High Knees Sprint
  • Leg Raises
  • Turning Kicks
  • Beach Scissors
  • Hip Ups
  • Iron Crosses
  • Yes, No, Maybes
  • Legs/Glutes
  • Calf raises
  • Squat
  • Split Squats
  • Good Mornings
  • Dirty Dogs
  • Standing Side Leg Lift
  • Standing Leg Curls
  • One-Legged Romanian Dead Lifts
  • Hip Extensions
  • Hip Thrusters
  • Inverted Row
  • King of the Klutz
  • Bam Bams
  • Ham Sandwich
  • Beat Your Boots
  • Bulgarian Split Squat

That’s It Folks…

There are well over 179 unique exercises you can use to work every muscle in your body.

Now, lets be very clear about the need to constantly vary exercises…especially if you’re a novice trainer.

Truth is too many people go overboard with exercise variation, they get overwhelmed and confused.

First 1 to 2 years of training using basic selection of exercises can last weeks or even months before results diminish.

If you switch exercises too often, you’ll find it tough to get good at any one exercise.

If you switch how you do one exercise too often (different variations, sets, reps, loads) you’ll also not make progress.

Variation is great just keep it in perspective to results and goals.

Yeah, there’s a lot of advice out there that might be helpful in some cases.

You shouldn’t necessarily organize your entire training plan around something you’ve read once in a magazine.

Given your level of fitness, limited time and energy, it’s important to organize the most effective methods to meet your most important goals at any given time…

In advanced trainers, you can mix and vary exercises, but certainly not as great as increasing volume/load over time.

Is your training goal to combine bodyweight and weight training?

It might be the best approach to help you reach that goal?

If building muscle is a goal of yours, training with bodyweight alone is not always the most efficient way.

Type II muscle fibers require significant tension and load to adapt and grow.

This is best done through heavy progressive weight training…

Yes, you can train muscles from different angles and leverages for bodyweight only training if you want.

The fastest and simplest way is through big, basic barbell and dumbbell training.

Bodyweight training can be a great supplement to weight training for muscle growth…

To hit all bases for maximal hypertrophy, you’ll want a variety of rep ranges and rest periods.

Combining heavy lifting for lower repetitions with bodyweight exercise for moderate to high rep ranges works great.

Over time, you learn how to modify, combine, sequence exercises to ramp-up your routine and avoid plateaus.

If you seriously want to get fit, healthy, gain more power or get a substantial edge over your competitors…

Plus enjoy consistent strength progress more than you’re making right now…

bodyweight exercises for women

You deserve to be happy and feel powerful everyday about what you do…

You might not be able to control the weather, right?

Yet you can regain mind-body connection which helps you reduce daily risk of injury and sickness…

Are bodyweight exercises what you’ve been waiting for?

Thank you, you’re appreciated…

Reach Your Peak

bodyweight training

John Mignano

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