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Bodyweight Strength Training Workout

Bodyweight Strength Training Workout

Structuring Real Life Functional Strength…

Bodyweight training doesn’t have to be like how everyone else plays the game…

You can be doing the complete opposite, right?

What if you want to be exercising and thinking outside the box?

The healthy lifestyle choice it not the same path for everyone…

Why? Because it takes guts.

Guts to stop copying the masses and to move in the opposite direction.

It’s scary as hell being true to yourself…

I truly hope you have the guts to at least be curious enough to read on.

And it won’t cost you a dime other than your time and attention for a few minutes…

It’s in your best interest to get your own perspective at what that looks like.

Have you ever wondered how strong are you?

Have you stalled and not getting the kind of muscle or strength gains you want?

Are you expecting more from your bodyweight strength training workout?

You might be surprised by what’s holding you back…

What is contained in this page has the immense power to take you into highest realms of personal freedom.

We use many other powerful training methods in our arsenal which we aim to let you know about in the future.

Now, we would like to focus on one dynamic method we’ve been using for decades…

There are simple compound exercises you can do to ramp your fitness up.

You might be thinking you don’t have access or use free weights in your bodyweight workout routines and that’s fine.

Weight training is not essential for you to get results…

The #1 enemy of muscle gain and strength isn’t your bodyweight strength training workout…

The term self-confidence is probably not new to you, right?

So…you got to build the kind of body you want from day one.

In other words you build for what you want to become…does that make sense?

If you want a body that supports a high level of physical training, sports, recreation and good quality of lifestyle…

“Only those who are willing to risk going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go!” – T.S. Elliot

One of the best quotes simply because it forces you to push your limits to new heights!

Get ready for the ride…

If you want more power for everyday life, you’ve got to be willing to do more, reach higher and become more.

Well, doing just a few minutes of functional training with mobility and flexibility before and after your regular workout really adds up over the long haul.

And it’s in context to your own belief in treating your body right…

Greater flexibility means you’ll develop the foundation for a stronger body.

Stronger for pushing more and growing muscle.

The trick is to select only specific stretching exercises which match strategically to your bodyweight workouts.

What if we told you to picture a badass female athlete…

Someone like Molly Kelly might not spring to mind.

Which is a real shame, because this Boston University senior is the perfect example of a fierce competitor.

So…why wouldn’t Molly fit the bill?

Perhaps because fit women are still expected to have a petite frame, sun-kissed complexion and six-pack abs…

Click the play button below to watch this moving video, Molly discusses what it’s like to defy expectations about strength and body shape…

Even if dead lifting isn’t your exercise of choice…

Molly’s empowering message is about not being afraid to take up space.

Once incredibly insecure about her size, she shifted her focus from how much she weighs to how much she can lift.

This type of training enables us to overload the central nervous system as well as muscular system.

We know an overload effect is necessary for size and strength gains.

The deadlift is an example that has merit but was taken to the extreme…

The point about functional training is the ability to improve your power for everyday life.

This is all about no nonsense, no fluff, no gimmicks just effective and hardcore workouts.

The movement patterns of functional fitness are what we use every day.

The exercises included in your bodyweight strength training workout get you bigger, stronger and more powerful.

And more importantly, are influenced by many training philosophies.

Focus on multiple joint, compound exercises versus single-joint exercises…

Compound lifts are not only superior for building strength, they are also more comprehensive in burning calories.

The higher intensity also triggers a greater endocrine response…

The result is an increase of testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH).

In other words, you get a real boost to great strength-building hormones each time you body weight train with compound movements.

The body weight strength training workout is much more functional than isolated exercises.

While many people tend to believe there is one superior way to train and anything that doesn’t fit within their training philosophy is worthless…

We believe there is a place for many different types of training.

And whatever strength training workout works for your goals is what you want to be using…

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Bodyweight Strength Training Workout

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