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Bodyweight Strength Training

Bodyweight Strength Training

Master The Best Body Weight Strength Training Exercises and Stability Workouts Anywhere…

Strength doesn’t just means a stronger and better body, strength is a means to a better life.

Strength opens up opportunities to be able to perform at your best and do more in your everyday life.

Strength broadens your capacity to enjoy better quality of lifestyle, not just in health and fitness…

Dear Friend, 

If you want personal freedoom, you need to be strong and powerful mentally and physically, right?

If you’re ready to start taking your body weight strength training seriously…

If you want well designed exercise plan, get access to exclusive training tools, articles, videos and insider content with other like minded individuals…

If you’re confused about body weight training, nutrition and want the best information out there…

If you want your most confusing body weight strength training questions… ANSWERED!

Everything provided on this site is dedicated to you, ensuring you get cutting-edge fitness results…PERIOD!

If you’re ready to bulletproof your health without empty promises, you’ve come to the right place.

mental toughness and how to develop it

Mental toughness and how to develop it for bodyweight strength, sports gymnastics

As a member of The No 1 Bodyweight Training Inner Circle of X-treme Warriors, you’ll get wildest and meanest muscle burning training articles, special reports and unreleased video footage dating back to 1998.

Yes…you can get real-world, exclusive underground insider access to everything in and out of the gym.

Closely read every word because this is honest, integral, total commitment to you and could be the most important information you’ll ever want to read this year…

Here’s why…

To reach your peak it comes down to the power of decision and being prepared to sweat!

Bodyweight strength training is simple enough to explain…

You simply use your own body weight as resistance against gravity.

Now, before we dive deep into how to get the best results from your mind, body and bodyweight strength training…

Firstly, I want to share with you why choose bodyweight exercises are more than a trend?

Considering all the options for training available to you and regardless if you’re male or female…

Bodyweight training is truly mother nature’s gift.

It’s a kick ass training platform that’s accessible anywhere to ensure you enjoy a lifetime of strength and endurance.

You get the benefits and advantages of bulletproof health, flexibility at any age and fitness level.

Bodyweight exercises will challenge your mind and body.

If you stick around, I’m actually going to show you how to do bodyweight workouts and you’ll get lean, ripped, strong and ready for anything that life can throw at you.

In other words you can go from zero to superhero…ultra-champion and x-treme warrior (more on that later)…

Just understand this…

Bodyweight strength training is not a static process.

Everyday you learn more about you, new life skills about yourself in the form of biofeedback.

Biofeedback is your mind-body connection re-tuning your internal body clock (circadian rhythm).

Your body-clock keeps ticking and updating everyday to make sure you’re aware of what’s happening.

And your body’s clock also affects sleep patterns, mood, mental alertness, hunger and heart function.

If you’re in-tune with your body’s-clock rhythms, this really helps boost health and improve your well-being…

That’s why I’m updating this bodyweight strength training protocol on a monthly basis, adding new crucial information based on real-world experiences to help make your process just a little bit simpler.

And that’s why I’m creating exclusive training content and a specific biomechanical toolkit just for you…

Biomechanics is key to understanding how to adapt and improve your bodyweight training program with results.

Yes…there actually is science to this for those who are interested.

By the way, if you want access to exclusive content and toolkit, join us using contact form below and I’ll make sure you never miss an update. 

Let’s face it, nobody wants to talk about HARD work and NO results…it sucks right?

The truth is without a solid foundation and science to back-it-up…it’s just theory.

It’s guesswork at best and a matter of time before it all comes tumbling down.

#1 WORST way to get into shape or lose fat?

You see, when we procrastinate, we are unconsciously saying to ourselves we are afraid of an uncertain outcome.

So we prolong making a decision and avoid taking action until the very last minute if we do at all.

And we get stuck in a viscous cycle of procrastination and uncertainty which often leads into a rut.

Maybe you can joke about it?

In truth, there’s a cumulative effect of chronically putting life on the back burner.

In a world full of distractions, no one else is going to make the right choices happen for you.

It’s up to you and you alone to make it happen by taking the right actions every day.

Ultimately It’s Up to You…

Once you stop making excuses and make a decision to accept the challenge to be a success, you can begin to make the transformation which enables you to get there.

Procrastination is really caused by your own confusion, uncertainty, self-doubt and in many cases fear.

To create real lasting change in any aspect of life, identify what’s holding you back and kick it’s ass.


Can I ask you a question?

Are you satisfied with your body, current level of strength and fitness?

Do you know what I mean?

The BIG problem with most people is they constantly try to do more and use too many complicated movements or what we call “crash and burn” isolation exercises.

Personally, I’ve see this happening throughout the decades and especially in gyms.

I feel sympathetic thinking about all those poor folks who try to exercise like this, they’re digging themselves a hole.

If only they knew…they couldn’t maintain that craziness.

It runs them ragged and more importantly prevents them from gaining momentum on anything.

You’d be surprised just how fast they give-up and throw in the towel… 

Begging for mercy…it’s really depressing and major pain.

The hard part for most people, however, is to actually get their training routine set-up and running.

I’ll give you the secret…you have to keep it simple.

Too many isolated exercises (moving parts) + complicated training = crash and burn.

If they focused on building a foundation, then life would get much simpler and more rewarding.

But there’s no room for complaining because today is different.

You’ll discover no 1 solution with secret training resource to help you win everyday battles, get into shape and melt away stubborn fat.

In short…you can actually enjoy watching everything you do come together with complete confidence.

This bodyweight strength training series is very cool stuff…


Today Is The Day, Are You Psyched?

Now you can start to transform your body, health, strength, fitness and life…

Not kidding…let me first tell you all the body weight training updates we’ve been working on for you!

Body weight training is for anyone interested in sound health, fitness and better quality of lifestyle.

In fact, all strength trainers should master their own body weight as a form of resistance before moving on to free weights and other strength training systems.

It’s Truly Life Changing…

Bodyweight exercises lay the rock-solid foundation for present and future training success and correct performance requires a precise blend of mobility, stability and motor control.

As you continue to make progress and gain strength, it is possible to constantly push yourself
through bodyweight training, so you can continue to improve.

Continue to increase resistance and push muscles and increase your functional fitness (athleticism).

You need to learn the skills (bodyweight exercises) and leverage a system to help get you there.


You want body weight routines to build strength and stability throughout your body, right?

If you want a solid foundation or you’re just looking to add strength and stability this is the go-to resource for you.

The Exact Step-By-Step Bodyweight Strength Training System…

Are you serious about your health, strength and fitness?

No 1 Bodyweight Training (1BTS) is designed for enthusiasts and everyday people who want extraordinary results.

And beginners who need to learn correct bodyweight strength training.

Look, everyone knows how to do basics like push-ups, pull-ups and squats…

Not everyone knows how to effectively train for ultimate health.

We use the science behind correct body posture, optimal breathing and muscle function for peak performance.

These exercises are vital core staples of everyday strength routines…

 RKC plank

Do you want to be in great shape or the best shape of your life…yet don’t like going to gyms?

If this describes you, rest assured you’ll always be able to receive an amazing workout no matter where you are.

Are you an exerciser who does a lot of traveling?

Sure it’s nice to have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of strength training equipment, so what if you’re frequently on the road?

You know this option is not always feasible…

Are you a strength training enthusiast?

Regardless of whether you’re a weekend warrior, pro athlete, lifter, coach, trainer or therapist…

If your everyday life or line of work involves any form of activity you need to understand bodyweight strength training.

Strength training enthusiasts have specific fitness goals.

For example: improving functional fitness, strength, gaining muscle, losing fat, improving core stability and correct body posture.

No 1 bodyweight training can help you achieve your goals…

As you progress in strength, you’re able to move from simple to difficult resistance bodyweight exercise variations.

We’ve included a clever rating system to help you determine basic level of difficulty of each exercise.

Research shows it’s possible to increase results by utilising compound movements.

bodyweight strength training for men

In fact, you can learn the right skills to target any particular area of a muscle.

Now in order to do so effectively, it’s essential to know and be aware of muscle movements.

You need to understand the basics of bio mechanics in order to correctly target that region while training.

Compound movements make use of primary and secondary muscles.

We’ve put together a roadmap to show you primary and secondary muscles in each exercise using color coded anatomical illustrations to help you develop your mind–muscle connection.

As you progress, you’ll learn the skills and understand muscle groups within the human body and know what specific exercises you can use to train each movement pattern and muscle.

You’ll get the experience and know exactly how to properly perform bodyweight exercises safely to minimize risk of injury, which are all critical to your continued improvements.

You’ll understand where to start and how to progress so you can develop proper flexibility and strength to keep advancing over and over again.

You’ll know the important roles core stability and gluteal strength plays in movement.

And you’ll understand how to follow or design your own effective programs based on your personal goals.

This is not a one size fits all approach

Every step of the process is built on your uniqueness, goals and lifestyle.

Finally, you’ll dramatically increase your love and appreciation of bodyweight strength training as one of the most effective, truly inspirational and natural forms of training.

Power For Everyday Life

This stuff is time-tested and proven, you’re not getting a bunch of theory, every exercise is based on real results.


Come hang out with us, we’re here to show you the 1BTS step-by-step system for getting your own bodyweight training system set-up and running in 7 days or less.

If you’re seriously wanting a smart way to support your health, fitness, strength and boost vitality (without having to be a genius or constantly figure out new exercise routines) it doesn’t get much better than this!

Thank you, you’re appreciated…

Reach Your Peak

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John Mignano

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