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Why Bodyweight Training Is Best or Better?

Why Bodyweight Training Is Best or Better?

ATTENTION: The diamond cannot be polished without friction, nor the man or woman perfected without trials… 

That may seem old school and hard to believe at first, yet it’s 100% true.

If you’re a little skeptical, we totally understand, you want to know if bodyweight training really works, right?

You want an iron-clad guarantee of success for all your blood, sweat, tears are worth your time and effort…

And you want to know if you put in the hard yards, you’ll get rewarded…

Seriously no hype or exaggeration.

Here’s where you can find some time-tested proven advice to fast-track your journey.

Dear Friend,

Are you ready to get started right now and dramatically boost your fitness results?

Do you want a radically simple approach to lean muscle, less belly fat, total wellness and loads more energy?

body weight training

When it comes to working out, so many people make the same costly mistakes over and over again.

What they don’t tell you is the why is more important than how because why involves purpose and intent.

You can make definite progress with strength and growth…

It’s common to find people totally lost when they start out on a fitness journey.

Fitness can be totally fulfilling and effective if you understand why you want to do it.

Or you can play it by ear and follow the crash and burn workouts using isolated exercises…

You want the real secret for a lifetime of results right?

Keep Exercise Routines as Simple as Possible to Follow…

Bodyweight training is basic and uncomplicated to do.

In other words, basic exercise routines, which are as simple as possible to follow.

Its simple to do shorter, more effective workouts using compound (multi-joint) movements.

Why bodyweight training works, simply because it is HARD.

It’s safe to say you’re interested or at least curious about body weight training…

Is learning how to conquer fear important to you?

If so, that’s great!

You’ve definitely come to the right place…

You see, bodyweight training is more about conquering fear.

Are you tired of constantly living in fear trying to gain muscle or burn fat?

Are you constantly frustrated because of very few results.

And not for lack of trying even if you work your ass off for years…

You see…you might find you’ve actually been taking the easy way out.

You’re doing everything to avoid the #1 skill necessary to get real results.

Click play button to see 83 year old warrior cranks out results:

Here’s The #1 Secret for Bodyweight Training Success…

So what was the #1 secret you’ve avoided for years?

In spite of the fact it was the #1 most important key to bodyweight training success?


In other words, gradually and consistently increasing making movements more difficult.

Maybe you’re feeling resistance about this idea?

And you believe there is a reason to avoid facing resistance head on…and actually figure out how to INCREASE it…

No matter how you try to avoid it or for how long…it always turns out that resistance is the right path to accomplish everything you want in every aspect of life.

And there is NO other path.

Any reasons, excuses or “facts” you use to justify not marching ahead head-first into resistance…every, single, time.

It may be more emotionally painful than you can possibly describe with mere words.

In other words, you’ve been avoiding resistance.

The truth is just…PAINFUL isn’t it?

Whether you realize it or not…bodyweight training is gonna hurt.

And hurt BAD.

Are you ready to withstand the pain for a short period of time?

NO means the same fear that could be the beginning of the rest of your life.

A life better than you can possibly even IMAGINE at this moment right now.

Resistance Is The ONLY Path…

Will you take it?

And no matter how you ignore or deny it…deep inside you’ll KNOW it’ll make you less of a man or woman.

And even TERRIBLY worse… your friends, family (spouse and children) will know it, too.

Oh sure, they won’t say they think a lot less of you because you’ve demonstrated time and again (by avoiding resistance) you’re not the man or woman you could and SHOULD be.

In fact, you’re probably even experiencing resistance right now.


That’s just more confirmation, right?

In the process you’re learning how to understand your mind-body, build strength and fitness.

Bodyweight Training Is Science and Art…

Learning bodyweight training is simple and a treasure you carry easy for a lifetime.

Just take a closer look at everything you do in everyday life activities through each and every moment.

You see and do these movement so often each and everyday…

It is almost forgotten in the hidden art form we call life.

The movements have become almost invisible or of less value.

Some say bodyweight training is what you do when you start training because it’s a cheap alternative.

They say: “how can bodyweight training be effective”…

Is that what you’re hearing? 

Some people say bodyweight training is the “poor man’s” tool.

The Same Old Pointless Debate For Decades…

Bodyweight training vs weight training.

Free weights vs machines.

No exercise equipment needed vs gym membership.

Is Bodyweight Training The Low Budget Street Version Of The Real Deal?

The “street” version for quick and dirty results…

Bottom line; a wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion.

If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate yourself…

At the end of the day, there’s a lifetime of almost infinite variations to bodyweight exercises.

You can keep it simple or create, mix and progress from basics to advanced.

Want A Lifetime Of Fitness Which You Can Use To Truly Enhance Your Health?

It’s imperative to harness energy and apply to a specific focus, so your mind and body works together.

Learn to listen to your body and observe how each change you implement affects you…

You can choose to use equipment or no equipment…you can effectively workout anytime and anywhere.

There are no restrictions on age and fitness level; enjoy endless possibilities with no limits to creative human expression.

You can take almost any body movement and make it your own…extremely hard or intense.

You enjoy the process because it is a natural human expression, movements are aligned with body weight exercises which allows you  to connect and learn control over your mind-body.

Body weight training provides a feeling of freedom to explore mind-body connection with dynamic agility.

Is Bodyweight Training An Exhilarating Adventure To Learn, Grow and Breakout Of Comfort Zones To Add Value To Yourself and Lifestyle?

There is no better feeling being than able to control your fear and to get healthy and fit…become powerful.

It’s called independence, bodyweight training gives you a lifetime of opportunities to train and get stronger.

You learn to rely on nothing but your mind and body strength using bodyweight and determination.

What Is Your Eating Plan?

Do you count calories or are you very aware of what your body needs to maintain, grow and repair, so you can base your eating habits depending on schedule and training habits.

This is important because of the intense training, and to make sure you eat as much complex carbohydrates and quality protein source foods you can.

Most importantly a HUGE benefit that blows away any other training is its sustainability, ability to build real-world functional strength and mental toughness.

Bodyweight training program is for anyone, man or woman, beginner or advanced who is ready to work hard, train smart and achieve a strong lean body.

Click play button to watch short video…

Bodyweight exercises provides the stepping stone to burn fat, sculpt muscle and get fit.

It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in, your age or how many diet programs you’ve tried.

You can transform your body and become leaner and stronger.

What Foods Do You Eat?

The bodyweight training program provides everything you need to burn fat, build muscle and get fit. It includes daily workouts with a full nutrition plan, recipes and more.

Meals can come from meats and vegetables including lentils, quinoa, beans, broccoli, spinach, whole grain breads, pastas, cereals, wild yams, brown rice, almond milk, nuts, fruits, peanut butter, mushrooms and protein.

Many plant-based proteins, including beans, lentils are naturally packed with other beneficial nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy fat, and antioxidants, and contain very little saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol.

Did You Lift Weights Before You Start Bodyweight Training?

How long have you been training?

When do you start weight-lifting…on average most people use free weights for 3 to 4 years then transition to mostly bodyweight training.

You can put on muscle without ever touching a barbell or dumbbell.

You can build a strong core without using a stability ball…

And you can develop functional fitness without overpriced equipment or training systems.

Do You Need To Take Supplements?

Remember the training formula?

Nutrition, supplements and “miscellaneous” are other matters entirely.

All 3 become 100% irrelevant if you don’t get the training formula right.

You can take supplements and they may provide some benefits, it’s not a replacement for real nutrient-dense foods.

Supplements are for all good intentions, not the be all and end all solution.

It’s one piece of the puzzle which may or may not help your existing nutritional or meal plan.

By all means you can add protein to post workouts or drink amino acids with creatine during training as well.

What Is Your Bodyfat Percentage?

Are you typically staying lean year round as a result of training or are you wanting to achieve for the most part 4% to 6 % body fat ratio?

How Do You Get Strong And Learn All The Exercises?

Core stability is key and the basics, mastering workouts to the point where you can dominate the basic exercises.

From there you can get started putting together bodyweight workouts circuits to help you consistently progress into more challenging exercises and advanced training programs.

Can You Bodyweight Train Everyday?

Yes, as long as you give your body proper rest (sleep) and nutrition for optimal recovery.

You can follow a successful bodyweight routine which gives you exceptional results.

You may need at best to take at least 1 or 2 days rest and recovery.

When Will You Know When You’re Ready To Advance?

The good rule of thumb is to progress further when you have mastered the current skill and it feels easy. I know that sounds a bit vague, but in reality everybody will have different numbers.

Some people are able to hold a position for 5 seconds and progress further, while others may need to hold it for 15.

Remember to take your time, no need to hurry or you’ll fail.

Make the resistance progressive and you get closer to your goal.

Ultimately, there are countless incredible benefits to enjoy from bodyweight training.

Bodyweight training program develops into a lifestyle, which evolves and grows into a lifetime of health results with further exploration of better ways your mind-body moves and functions.

This is a dynamic approach that goes way beyond just a fitness regime…

You’re engaging at a higher level, developing as a person and understanding a better quality of lifestyle via the human expression of strength, balance and coordination.

You’re using a proven system and practicing rituals, which emphasizes mobility, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Bodyweight training supports and promotes real-world health and fitness through effective movement.

Encompasses all components of lifestyle…

Improvement for sports and daily activities ranging from yoga, pilates, calisthenics, gymnastics to core stability which involves eye to hand coordination skills in balancing, acrobatics and strength training…does that make sense?

It’s just the tip of the iceberg, bodyweight training is a lifetime skill.

And please don’t be put off by fear.

This is a simple step-by-step process where layers of resistance and exercise complexity can be added one at a time.

All you do is begin now to unlock the hidden power of your mind-body.

Tell us what you think, what your opinion is about body weight training or something you’ve learned or would like to share. 

Yes, it’s all about connecting and helping each other, so feel free to leave your valued feedback below…

Bodyweight Training

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#1 Body weight training is all about physical mental success which is a personal choice to effectively push limits. Finally are you ready to take your results to next exciting level? The goal is help you succeed with advanced, proven, powerful, dynamic toolkits. Ultimately you can maximize, boost, grow and reach your peak. Experience epic success faster because you deserve more power for everyday life!


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