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Muscle Growth Hacking – Lean Muscular Body

Muscle Growth Hacking – Lean Muscular Body

One Crucial Secret to Turn Your Body Weight Exercises Into Sustainable Muscle Growth…

Did you know power and strength is a natural testosterone booster? If you’re in any type of competitive situation ( athletic, work, school, etc) it’s can have a positive impact on your body’s natural testosterone production…

That’s what a study published in the October 26th issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science suggests.

And the effect is strongest on women.

Dear Friend,

Body weight exercise is much more effective when you do a little more of one component each time you do it.

Progressions are step-by-step repeated changes in the same direction…

The best strategy for body weight exercising is to increase your intensity levels.

As your heart capacity increases, you’d progressively pick up your speed.

Progressions are all about changing your routine over time (more on this later).

Doing the same routine over and over leads to failure.

Your muscles need a consistent set of new stimulus in order to grow and achieve…

Small progressive changes made over time.

Researchers tested 43 trained male and female actors to perform a monologue whereby they had to fire a subordinate in a typically male domineering fashion.


Using a more nurturing and considerate female approach.

The results, women experienced about 10% increase in testosterone production.

And the experience boosted testosterone production 3% to 4% in men.

As you train your body to respond faster each time you exercise, your physical condition improves.

Then, as your body responds more quickly by increasing your movements or body weight resistance in each progressive workout session your body adapts to the demands.

This is the principle of muscle growth hacking for a lean muscular body…

Do you have an unfulfilled new dream body…especially one that involves a personal passion?

Do body weight exercises build muscle?

Some athletes say death or serious illness is no excuse for not training to build muscle with body weight exercises.

Death or illness…is it the only way to get time off from your body weight training?

What is muscle growth?

Pretty simple…muscle growth is a process, not a one time event.

Exploring your overall health and life is consistent process too.

Most people don’t really want to be massive and muscular…

Muscle growth if you care to know, here are the basic guidelines:

  • Never get too comfortable
  • Never abandon basic multi-joint movements
  • Never overlook the most important variables for muscle growth
  • Don’t go full bore all the time
  • Never think you know it all
  • Never put fewer than 30 grams of protein on your plate
  • Never stop looking for ways to gain an edge

This is how you get unbreakable confidence and constantly continue to build a lean muscular body.

Do you realize what you just observed?

The muscle growth hacker’s formula for moving forward in life…

You can find inspiration in every exercise and movement you do.

Muscle growth is a game of tweaking and refining the process.

Most people, 98% never get the body of their dreams. Why not?

Because they’re not testing and experimenting in order to tweak and refine.

What fitness and muscle growth is all about:

  • Routines that set you on a path of success
  • Building strength and a great looking body
  • An enjoyable way to keep active and fit
  • Improving memory and maintaining health
  • A gateway to social connections for conversations
  • Personal development, being confident and happy with yourself
  • Better quality of life tool, a better way to live an enjoyable lifestyle

It’s kinda funny to see what excuses or problems people think are urgent and important.

The no.1 key factor to muscle growth and strength has long been synonymous with an overload in stimulus…

No need to freak out, this isn’t rocket science or complicated brain surgery.

The question is can body weight exercises build muscle?

build muscle with bodyweight exercises

Can muscle growth be achieved by maximizing your own body weight?

You can use simple body manipulation in order to challenge muscles with high enough stimulus.

That way your body is literally forced into muscle growth.

The body weight exercises shortcut…

It’s important to note body weight training is a total gym workout.

And a very effective muscle growth strategy to power-up your nervous system.

In fact, it’s easier to get a much better feel and muscle pump.

It’s important to know that without a warm-up this causes major pitfalls in strength and performance with risks of injury.

It means your muscle aren’t firing or working in synergy.

There are two effective ways to work around this for your advantage…

First rule is less is more, do a thorough warm-up to increase your body temperature.

Do a few short sets of squats with a hold at bottom, pull-ups or push-ups to produce light sweating.

Stop before fatigue sets in…

Second, add some power exercises into your muscle building body weight workout routine.

Power and strength exercises have the ability to fire-up your nervous system and activate more muscle fibers…

build muscle with bodyweight exercises

More stimulus is referred to as post-activation potentiation.

Challenging exercises stimulate the nervous system and cause enhanced muscle recruitment.

Use it to your advantage by mixing clusters into your body weight training.

Start with a challenging power move like squat jumps or dead-stop upper body box jumps…

After the explosive movement, move straight to body weight exercise which focuses on strength.

And follow-up by body weight exercise focused on volume.

For example, a body weight exercise progression for chest:

Dead-stop upper body box jumps
Do 3-5 reps
Rest 15 seconds

Handstand or feet-inclined push-ups
Do 5-8 reps
Rest 15 seconds

Do 8-12 reps
Rest 2 minutes before repeating.

Next body weight exercise strategy is isometrics because isometrics are more often than not is neglected.

If you apply isometrics correctly, you can get amazing results in strength and muscle growth.

You could increase joint stability and strength…

To make the most of isometrics, focus on building tension across the entire muscle.

Certain joint positions place more emphasis on bone structures rather than contracting muscle.

In a push-up for instance, hanging out at the top (with arms locked out) puts majority of stress on shoulder
joint and takes strain off chest which isn’t the desired outcome.

Instead, gradually move into the position of most muscle tension and hang out.

For the majority of exercises, this is going to be when joint is around 90 degrees or slightly greater.

For push-ups, this means the elbow joint is close to a right angle.

Add isometrics at the end of your routine for extra volume and as a finisher.

muscle building bodyweight workout routines

Here are some examples that stimulate muscle growth and fat burning…

Challenge your lower body:

  • Repeat 5 times without rest
  • Jumping squats
  • Do 5 reps
  • Bottom position hold for 30 seconds

Challenge your upper body:

  • Repeat 3 times without rest
  • Jumping pull-ups
  • Do 5 reps
  • Pull-up hold as long as possible (elbows at 90 degrees)

The principle behind body weight progressions…

Effective body weight training focuses on strength and maximizing your body’s weight distribution.

This is the basic leverage principle and relationship of gravity.

Let’s take a closer look at push-up for example…

Place your feet on the ground, your body is at a slight decline, right?

You already know gravity’s downward force, you’d move less weight than if your feet were inclined.

What if you move your feet onto a box?

Well, you have a whole new exercise to add to your toolbox.

Inclining your feet puts more weight directly over your hands increasing the difficulty.

When applying this principle to your own body weight workout program, start in the hardest position you can maintain with proper form.

In the example for push-ups this might mean inclining your feet.

Body weight rows, moving closer to parallel with the ground.

As you fatigue, begin to move into an easier position.

This allows you to crank out a few more reps and increase overall volume of your workout without switching to a completely new exercise.

muscle building bodyweight workout

Muscle growth relies primarily on tension and high stimulus to overload your body.

Body weight exercised allow many option to maximize tension and load.

Simply utilize these body weight strategies to help keep muscles growing and improve your skill-sets.

Knowing what to do is nothing without knowing what not to do, learn from someone else’s mistakes and know exactly what you should never do…

Build Muscle With Body Weight Exercises

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