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Calisthenics workout are systematic body weight exercises performed with or without equipment…

Are you thinking you can’t gain strength, power and muscle mass with a calisthenics routine?

Calisthenic may be sen as an old school way of developing an amazing natural physique…

Dear Friend,

We’re referring to exercises that put your body through natural patterns of movement…

In other words, trains your entire circuit from thought to action.

This is essential if you want new muscle to be capable of doing anything (functional strength).

When you use muscles in real life, they move against the resistance of your own body weight.

Body weight training exercises are calisthenics…

This is still one of the best way to build functional strength.

Calisthenics are also much more effective in strengthening ligaments and tendons.

Your muscles respond to resistance and to build strength you can work against your own body weight.

Yes, back in the good ole’ days, truly amazing physiques were made with sweat, tears and calisthenic training.

Gymnasts, boxers, men in the armed services and athletes all used this simple, yet powerful adaptation training.

Calisthenics or body weight training has been around since the very beginning of fitness…

Using calisthenics alone or even with your daily weight training routines are great ways to build a lean and strong physique.

What are the benefits of calisthenics for size, fat loss, conditioning and strength development?

Strength development boils down to push-ups, pull-ups variations by using a strategy to manage adaptation in the training process.

The goal is to achieve a level of strength you haven’t experienced before.

Calisthenics builds a good solid foundation for more strength and better recovery.

Have you always been able to do a pull-up?

When I first started I could barely crank out three or four pull-ups.

As I got stronger, did pull-ups every other day and by the end of first month was doing 15 to 20 super slow and controlled pull-ups without stopping.

Everyone noticed I developed thickness in upper and lower back including rear delts.

And shoulders were wider with density…biceps also gained size as well.

You might find it pays to continue experimenting to test what works for your own body.

Including pushing barriers in doing many different variations with changes in intensity.

Do pull-ups, push-ups, abdominal movements and squat variations which shows the greatest results in building strength with development of muscles in back, chest, abs and legs:

  • Learn basic exercises of calisthenics
  • Gain muscles to improve body control
  • Increase your overall physical fitness
  • Increase your strength and endurance
  • Strengthen connective tissues and burn fat
  • Maximize strength and coordination skills

Here are some guidelines to help you get started to follow through and progress.

calisthenics progression chart

Level 1 – Week 1 to 3

1-5 Pull ups
1-5 Dips
1-10 Push ups
1-10 Burpees
Hold plank for 30 sec

Level 2 – Week 4 to 6

5-10 Pull ups
6-10 Dips
9-15 Push ups
11-15 Burpees
Hold Plank for 70 sec

Level 3 – Week 7 to 9

10-15 Pull ups
15-20 Dips
15-25 Push ups
15-20 Burpees
Hold Plank for 90 sec

Is calisthenics or body weight training the fastest growing trend in the fitness industry?

Want a tough challenge for a rock-hard body?

Want to naturally build your confidence and achieve amazing results in a short period of time using calisthenics?

Calisthenics aren’t the easiest exercises, however…no question it could be the most effective for you ever.

The basic calisthenic moves just could be the simple shift you’re looking for and the most important…

Calisthenics are like the backbone and should be practiced for strength.

Why? Because once you realize how powerful calisthenics are, and you may never look back.

I’m confident is saying you’ll feel energized and motivated to achieve your life changing goals.

Want to dramatically get into shape, burn fat and build lean muscle extremely fast?

If you have been trying to build muscle and get ripped using calisthenics, its time to get serious about your training.

Get the success you deserve because your whole life changes…

Get real results with your workouts, calisthenics is one of the most effective ways of building a superior physique…

Conditioning and fat loss circuit…

Have you ever done circuit body weight training using pull-ups with non-stop burpees and push-ups?

Want to get into tremendous shape and lean.

Take a closer look at boxers…

Boxers do body weight training, especially targeting the core using many different push-up, pull-up and squat variations.

Give this your total focus after week 9:

  • 25–35 burpees
  • 25–50 body weight squats
  • 25-35 push-ups
  • 10-25 pull-ups
  • 10-25 pistols or one leg squats for each leg…

Do this non-stop circuit for 1 set then rest for 60 secs.

Repeat for 4–5 sets and then tell me how you feel.

The bottom line, calisthenics is an awesome tool to put in your training toolbox.

Get stronger, leaner and in tip-top shape.

In the next article, I’ll show you a body weight program to hit specific goals…fast!

Calisthenics provides joy in discovering the unknown…


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