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Conscious vs Unconscious Mind – Wake Up Warrior!

Conscious vs Unconscious Mind – Wake Up Warrior!

What is The No 1 Most Critical Mental Edge and All Important First Step to SUCCESS?

Would love to tell you we’ve cracked the code to success, which automatically puts you on the fastest path to reaching your fitness and health goals…

And for sure that would get more people to take action.

But you know that is not my true self or style.

Look, I’d rather show you the most important actionable information you can start benefiting from immediately.

Let me ask you something…

And please I want you to be honest with yourself.

What is the difference between people who have success and ability to control their own destiny?


Pure chance or luck?

Hard work alone?


It’s actually much easier when you know the simple secret…

It’s a shift your need to make to place your goals quickly within reach.

Spend a few short minutes right now reading every word to see it from the beginning to the end…

You’ll get a better understanding of the exact reason you have failed in the past…

And why this can transform your life.

Do you have a name for your unconscious self?

After all, would you want to be ignored without a name your entire life?

Start thinking in terms of two selves living within your body.

Actually there are three, so let’s start with your conscious…

Some names referred to over time are:

  • Subconscious
  • Unconscious Self
  • Deep Self
  • Intuitive Self
  • Inner Self
  • Real Self

Your other unconscious self can be compelled to explore your third eye or mind’s eye and vision to improve your body weight training results…

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For example, from sleeping warrior to awaken warrior via daydreaming.

Picture yourself as the flying and soaring eagle.

It is very literal…

And it is subject to suggestion.

The other conscious is the store house of your memories.

It has the power of deductive logic only…

It controls your autonomic bodily functions.

Based on input it has been given, it is your “conscience”.

In other words it is in charge of what you believe is right and wrong.

Another good definition of conscience is, “conviction or being conscious of a custom”.

Through repetition and emotion these customs or habits become ingrained and automatically depended upon to supply beliefs of right and wrong.

Your other conscious self generates all your emotions…

Unconscious self has connections to other people and places.

And it is also said to have the superpower of telepathy.

We’ll leave these for a later discussion…

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Daydreaming or letting go doesn’t mean you don’t care anymore; it’s just realizing you truly have control over yourself, right here and right now.

It’s a necessary process of connecting, engaging your deep self and adapting to ever changing realities of life.

And leaving behind the past to make way for new successes.

Ok, now you’ve got a relatively good picture of other conscious self, let’s take a closer look at waking up the warrior…

You can begin to get ahead much faster in life if you align with your deep self.

Treating your deep self like a trusted child is an easy way to begin understanding the process.

If you don’t connect and engage with your inner self, you experience life as if you are constantly being sabotaged.

So, connecting and engaging with your inner self is critical to living an empowered, fulfilling and healthy life.

You see, your real self is like a child who is untrained.

Over time your unconscious self grew into an adolescent…

Your intuitive self has it’s ingrained ways, habits and beliefs.

Just waking up one day and treating it nice will not cause the child to behave as you want.

Yes, the nurtured child loves you, yet still wants to do what it has always done.

The child has it’s way of being stubborn…

Maybe you don’t believe any of this is true?

You’ve tried losing weight or changing nutritional habits?

Maybe you’ve tried to change to a more healthy lifestyle?

If yes, you are not alone…

The subconscious mind is not good or evil.

Our subconscious mind form beliefs, behavior patterns or valid assessment of ourselves.

The subconscious is stubborn, in that it does not like change

You’re seeing the child’s stubborn behavior because you want change or ignore it…

So where to start?

Start as you would with any relationship.

Get to know the other than conscious self, build rapport, talk less, listen more and be respectful.

Show your subconscious words and pictures in the form of daydreaming and visions.

Visions of you being fearless and successful…

What you like and would like to become.

Here’s something important about goals and desires…

Your deep self depends on five senses for data input, this allows you to reprogram true self to reach your peak.

Some final points for this post:

It unlocks the full power of your mind to laser focus it’s abilities for achieving a successful life.

It is with the unconscious self you need to have a close trust and well matched (harmonious) relationship with, if you want to communicate and persuade…

These are where the reach your peak and wake-up-warrior success strategies are aimed.

Yes, it is this intuitive self that is suggestible.

The problem is understanding your feelings and getting past conscious doubts and fears, which is very easily done when you know how…

You need to deliver suggestions which is part and parcel to becoming successful.

This is all relevant to your own life, where you’ll see, experience and reap the fastest rewards.

Apply what you are learning to yourself first…

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Gain trust and respect of your unconscious self and watch your body weight results soar.

Just remember, you’ll learn more about yourself as you explore deeper, practice and take action.

One of the best tools you can start using immediately is your third eye and daydreaming.

This is best done in a learning state of mind such as you enter when sleeping or meditating, etc…

Consider giving this deep self a name.

This could be for example, super-hero, ultra-champion or xtreme-warrior…

Don’t do this half-hearted.

Remember, a good name can get you far.

And you might consider keeping this name private for now at least.

Consider carefully what names it might like.

Reflect on them as you narrow them down.

Then go with your gut instinct as you choose the one that fits best.

Love and accept your real self with enthusiasm and energy.

Seriously praise and reward…

Most importantly, start now!

Remember this is a process and it takes time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither were your beliefs, attitudes and conscience.

It will take some work and dedication.

Just remember and keep in mind…an incredibly happy, fulfilling life where people look up to you, respect you, accept you and look forward to being with you.

Not to mention the motivation, respect and incredible love you will have for yourself.

Something worth playing for, right?

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OK, would you be able to let me know your thoughts on this…

If you like, I’ll get into the powers and daily role of the conscious mind next.

And how you can easily learn how to use it’s superior reasoning powers to your advantage.

Tap into your subconscious self because its eagerly wanting to take fearless action and participate.

Keep studying and practicing your body weight exercises to awaken the warrior within you…

Are you using unconscious self right now in your life?

Connect, engage and use the power for everyday life, wake-up-warrior and find your true self.

Take action and enjoy massive body weight training results…

Would love to hear  your feedback.

Let me know what you think by replying to this post and feel free to share with friends, thanks.

Conscious vs Unconscious Mind 

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