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The experiences you are most uncomfortable in are moments you learn the most about yourself… 

You’re on your way to personal freedom and a really awesome exciting lifestyle.

Have you ever noticed the difference between people enjoying daily success?

It’s not because some people have more opportunities…

And it’s not because some people were born smart…

The difference can be summed up in one word…


Dear Friend,

There aren’t many people in the world that understand why body weight training is so
important, I just knew you’d understand why this is amazing for people like you and I…

Do you believe the people that choose to be successful are willing to consistently take action?

Do they work smarter and do whatever it takes to get there?

roads to success

This difference is there are two roads to success.

You need to make your choice based on your goals which includes:

  • Leaving comfort zone and trying new, better, smarter ways of getting desired results
  • Ignoring fears (as best you can) to take those leaps into unfamiliar territory
  • Admitting you need help and looking for best mentor you can find to help you get there
  • Realizing you may not be able to do it all yourself…
  • Knowing exactly what you want and being very focused and decisive
  • Investing in yourself and health in order to get to the next level of success…

The goal is to give you the best information possible, based on real-world deep experiences, so you build the body you’ve always dreamed and wanted…

We’ll be guiding and sharing with you all the best tips, tricks and techniques that get you results:

  • Foods and nutritional knowledge
  • Body weight training for muscle
  • Exercise routines for fat loss 
  • Workouts and techniques
  • Mental attitude and tools

In fact, every component you need to succeed in your training and in your personal life.

What do you think is more important…food or exercise?

In doing research, we found most people were struggling with this…

Listen, I’m going to be brutal and honest with you every step of the process.

Committing to your health and fitness is a big step, it can very scary and confusing.

What feeds us emotionally and spiritually are as important as the foods on our plate, right?

Why all foods and exercises are not created equal?

Please would you do me a quick favor…

Over the last 2 months, how often have you been bothered by any of the following problems?

We need your help with just 3 questions…

Don’t worry it’s simple…. takes less than a minute tops even if you’re a slow poke 🙂

No wrong answers, we promise:

1 – What’s your single most important problem with body weight training? (upper body, lower body, core strength)

2 – How would it help you to solve this problem? (please be specific, let me know how your life would be different)

3 – How difficult has it been to find a good answer to this problem (not at all, somewhat difficult, very difficult)

Simply REPLY back using the contact below with your valued feedback (answers).

We’re excited and just can’t wait to share amazing solutions which are personalized to match your goals.

Awesome and actually allows you to challenge yourself even further for spectacular results.

We trust you’ll fall in love with your body weight training too…

We look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!

Trust you’ll join in and share within this community, participate, stick around for as long as you like.

Thanks, you’re appreciated…

Reach Your Peak

bodyweight training

John Mignano

No 1 Body Weight Training team

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P.S. Is it time to trash the treadmill, ditch free weights, forget all about those flimsy AB gadgets and crazy infomercial nonsense?

HINT: It’s addictive, very powerful, almost like a ritual we religiously use every time we train 🙂

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