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Why Enthusiasm or Motivation Alone Sucks?

Why Enthusiasm or Motivation Alone Sucks?

Have you ever set a goal, felt like nothing in the world could hold you back from accomplishing it?

What’s better fear or trust? The answer may surprise you…most people start off motivated and full of enthusiasm.

It’s only after having been working out for some time they lose motivation and enthusiasm.

Day after day, working out can feel like a drill…can you relate?

Maybe you’ve been a victim of the hype too?

Dear Friend,

If you must play, decide upon three components from the start, rules of game, stakes and quitting time.

On the journey of creating your best ‘self’ in the middle of your best life, one overlooked success component is not how proactive and productive you are when you’re motivated…

Anyone can feel motivated and enthusiastic, right?

The real game-changer is how proactive and productive you are in the absence of motivation which is more often than not.

You see, when you’re totally committed the dependency on motivation disappears.

There are two fatal mistakes you’re likely making whenever you set out to achieve a goal.

You are most likely relying on two major stumbling blocks which are completely unreliable.

And, as long as you keep putting your faith in them, you can never be successful at reaching your goals.

For example, think about how much money you’ve spent on useless products only to find it didn’t work or even worse, gave you another excuse.

Your ability to perform and gets results really has nothing to do with motivation, lack of motivation and enthusiasm or how to demonstrate motivation and enthusiasm.

Allow me to explain…

Inevitably you hit a roadblock, wall, barrier, distracted, busy, sticking point with your workout, etc…

Your enthusiasm and motivation collapses.

And that’s when you most likely give up on your goal.

Are you beginning to see the big picture right here?

Here is the problem…

Once your enthusiasm and motivation hits the low phase, you’ll lose your willpower and momentum.

And reaching goals becomes almost impossible.

Look at any successful person, they don’t look at the world from the same perspective because they shift their mind-set from moment to moment.

That’s why it’s important to understand how to think and why it helps you stay on track with your goals.

Yes, it’s crucial to shift your mindset around so you can get unstuck and move forward…

Now the really interesting part is these actions require little to zero enthusiasm or motivation.

This was discovered from behavior expert B J Fogg…the less motivation an activity requires, the easier it is to stick with it. And the more you stick with it, the more natural it becomes.

OK, so maybe your goal is to gain strength to do a full set of 20 muscle ups?

Or lose 20 pounds of body fat?

The day you set that goal you probably felt really enthusiastic and motivated, right?

Just maybe you even did body weight exercises for 45 minutes.

The next day you’re still working out, yet day-by-day, your progress grinds to a halt.

Months later, you realize you haven’t worked towards that goal in ages.

In other words, tomorrow never came…

Basically this is what happens when you rely on enthusiasm and motivation alone to accomplish a goal.

The problem with enthusiasm and motivation is it usually sporadic, comes and goes in waves.

There are peaks and lows which depend on so many inside and outside influences…

When you’re riding on an emotional high motivational peak, it feels like you can take on the world.

When you’ve hit a motivation low, it feels like nothing gets done!

Plain and simple, relying on enthusiasm or motivation alone sucks.

Now the best part…

Here’s a surefire strategy for accomplishing more than you ever thought possible and in less time.

And it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think.

At the heart of the strategy is a combination of skills and techniques, all of which can be learned, developed and refined.

Among these are vision with purpose…

And not to complicate life, all you need to understand is enthusiasm or motivation does not equal your ability.

You see, when either your enthusiasm or your motivation is very high, you have ability with mental strength to persevere and do more difficult tasks…

Let’s for example say you’re pushing to do 10 muscle-ups…

muscle ups

When your enthusiasm or motivation is low, you’ve got less ability with lower mental strength to do difficult tasks.

And your threshold for pain and exertion is low…

If you don’t manage your life, it will manage you.

You can be proactive or reactive.

Pretty simple formula, right?

So how do you compensate for this?

When you’re feeling very enthusiastic and motivated, get on the monkey bars or power tower.

When you’re not feeling motivated, you need to reduce ability and make that task easier for you to accomplish, so instead of doing 10 muscle-ups, simply go for 5.

As soon as you reduce ability you’ll almost automatically find your mind relaxes and the pressure or guilt you were feeling about skipping a day working towards your goal melts away.

Why? Because at least you’re doing something.

Would you agree doing something is always better than nothing?

Simply adjusting to your body’s natural enthusiasm and motivation waves means you’ll actually find over time you’re able to get a lot more done.

And then something else interesting happens…

muscle ups

When you rely less on enthusiasm or motivation, you’re able to accomplish a lot more.

Your ability to do more really does increase…

At first you’re doing 5 muscle-ups on a low motivation peak.

One day you set out to just do 5 muscle-ups but you end up doing 10.

It’s mentally getting easier for you to do 5 muscle-ups.

All of a sudden 5 turns in 10, then 10 into 20…

Your ability increases over time as you’re less reliant on enthusiasm or motivation alone.

And this all happens in a very natural way.

Bottom line, you just don’t want to rely on enthusiasm or motivation alone.

Doing this is a recipe for disaster.

Ability with enthusiasm and motivation means you’ll be able to get a lot more done.

And you’ll be developing much better workout habits towards reaching your goals.

Yes, setting goals correctly enhances your enthusiasm and motivation to keep you on track and moving forward.

Make no mistake about it, the key to achieving training success is having the right tools for your specific goals.

And a new challenge…so are you ready to get started?

What if you knew every single day, you were getting closer and closer to achieving your goal?

And even better, what if it didn’t even feel like you were working?

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Enthusiasm and Motivation

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