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Goal Setting to Reach Your Peak!

Goal Setting to Reach Your Peak!

Goal Setting for Superior Results and Making Changes Stick…Measuring Your Success

Yes, I remember…like it was yesterday.

The feeling of fear and desperation.

Back when I started out, I wasted so much time and tried so many things.

The blood, sweat and tears…

The harder I tired to make progress, the faster the injuries.

O.K. so what is the point?

goal setting

I was trapped in a never ending cycle that lasted for months…

…until I made a decision that changed everything!

A simple shift in my way of thinking that resulted in…

Yes after Yes.

Let me tell you..I failed….a LOT!

But those failures were invaluable and taught me what REALLY worked.

Goals are gold and the key to success in life.

What are the benefits of goal setting?

Imagine everyday your goal is to do bodyweight training.

And every minute at some point you’re facing your fears… 

You confront fear over and over, it’s scary to turn-up and workout hard right?

It could be just one bodyweight exercise at a time…you’re constantly being confronted, battered and tested.

The pain asks you everyday…what are you made of? 

What have you got? 

Do you have depth and character that’s required to step up?

Goal setting is very powerful for planning results and motivating yourself to turn-up and make your vision a reality…

How does goal setting help achieve success?

Have you heard people say this or maybe you’ve said it on several different occasions yourself?

The process of setting goals helps you choose what you want to achieve from fitness and life…

It’s one thing to actually take action or set a kick ass goal and make a change in your life.

Maybe its far easy to say you’re going to do it…easier said than done right?

We have personally heard this from many people on a daily basis…

The Hard Truths Of Goal Setting and What Really Flips Your Switch?

OK this probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard someone talk about the importance of goals.

And its definitely not going to be the last…

Humans are creatures of comfort, most of us are pretty darn lazy even if we don’t want to admit it…

We all just want to arrive at our destination, sit back and take it easy.

Yes…change is uncomfortable.

And not everybody wants to be uncomfortable…

We’re constantly looking for the easier path to security and certainty.

The hard truth is you have to be smart about goal setting and willing to take on risks to improve and grow.

To get uncomfortable to take on the opportunities.

Yes…I know you want to set goal, get into action and go for it.

What if you’re stuck in neutral and you want a confidence booster?

Well, you need to understand the hard truths.

Is being too nice holding you back?

Keep reading every word of this article so you can decide…

Why goals should be smart and bigger without sounding ridiculous?

goal setting

Goals create mental change and really forces you to make yourself smarter.

No matter what you do every day, if you do something which makes you uncomfortable…

For example…

You’re doing bodyweight exercises which causes increases in brain function and improves how you perform.

You see, most people set the bar way too low and think the whole idea of goals are easy with minimal effort.

You need to pay attention to the goal that’s difficult for you.

If it’s challenging yourself to push with commitment and wiliness to change.

It’s the intensity and fact you’re uncomfortable, your body’s uncomfortable and that drives change.

So you need to get as uncomfortable as that change makes you, so you’re always progressing.

If there’s improvement as you get better, you’re making this goal your new benchmark or standard.

Sorry, I didn’t want to blow smoke up your ass and leave you disappointed…

Most of the time people start and quit or use any number of excuses as to why they couldn’t continue their goal.

It’s time to stop making excuses and focus on solutions…

If you say you are going to do something, then do it and actually commit to it and challenge yourself!

Do not quit half way through or get discouraged, do it for yourself and only for yourself.

We will be giving you some tips on how to set a goal and stick with it…

We are all winners and leaders in our own respective ways, let’s start acting like it and setting better examples.

First and foremost before committing to a goal, you must prepare yourself for change.

Whatever your goal is you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically for this.

We recommend starting off with a small goal you know you can accomplish easily.

Because this builds momentum and sets your mind right for a more challenging one.

Ask yourself, what’s most important to me?

What would reduce the most stress?

Make sure to brainstorm and research the pros and cons of your goals.

What will you gain and lose throughout the process?

Click play button below to see how does goal setting help achieve success in this short video…

If you need to engage with others about your goals and get their support, go for it.

You might ask close friends and family for support to help make the journey just a little bit smoother.

Every one percent of every single step means you have involvement or control over in your life.

This is transformed into what you think, what you eat, what you drink, where you live…

The environment you surround yourself and people.

Every one percent of every single step is important…

So once you have your goal set, map it out thoroughly and take action.

Key stages to consider when making a change are as follows:

Pre-contemplation puts you in a bad position and state of ignorance.

Basically its a tug-of-war and nothing convinces you to make a change in your life.

Contemplation is the most popular saying when contemplating change is “maybe next month I’ll get serious”.

When you are in this stage it’s easy to beat yourself up…

If you feel you’re not in the next stage as soon as you should be, you feel you are NOT making sufficient progress…

Preparation is thinking how great the result or outcome will be when you make change and achieve the goal.

Progress is moving yourself from preparation into motivation.

You ask yourself what’s it going to take to get there?

Take action is writing your goals down and putting focus on achieving within a determined time frame.

A really smart approach is to always carry you goals to remind you at all times.

Make time for each week; this helps keep you focused on what needs to get done for the week.

Actually take action on the change, no excuses, only solutions…

Go back to your preparation and map of your goals.

Now tweak it to see what stood in your way and figure out how to get around it.

We have all the tools to set ourselves up for success, so why not take action and get it done?

We believe many people are afraid to set goals and make changes. Why?

Because when people are in their comfort zone they feel comfortable with what they are doing in their daily lives.

People get so accustomed to routines it’s very hard to change them.

People are afraid of failure and don’t like admitting it…

If you fall off the track, get back on within 2-3 days and keep pushing there is no excuse to flat out give up!

Success Breeds Success…

Be honest with yourself and look at the bigger picture.

Take note of key areas you’ve been making progress and lean towards those.


Another step to remember during this process of change is to reward yourself for small steps you make.

Small steps are progress, every goal and milestone reached reinforces vision, motivation, determination and acknowledges your belief in yourself for planning and doing it.

Never beat yourself up about any situation…

The negative talk and stress is not worth it because you understand the importance of setting goals.

It’s Time to Claim What’s Yours…

Bodyweight training makes you feel alive, confident, stronger and builds extraordinary character…

Success and progress is never a straight line.

There’s always going to be obstacles and struggles throughout your journey of change.

Embrace those obstacles and look at them as opportunities, never fear them because you might get discouraged.

There is always a way around obstacles, don’t say “Oh maybe next year I can overcome what came up.”

No, the time is now!

Not next year…

Winning the Game of Bodyweight Training…

Set goals, get support from a group of like minded individuals to help you keep moving forward.

We are not saying setting goals or making changes are easy to do or can happen overnight.

Everything worthwhile in life requires energy, effort, discipline and sacrifice.

What if you want to do achieve something special?

You have choice and ability to take action, right?

You just want to make your goals a priority in your life and stop making excuses, plain and simple.

We are all winners and leaders in our own respective ways…

Are you clear on the advantages of setting goals and why does goal setting work?

Great…you’re now ready to start taking action and claim what’s yours.

The bulletproof health, well-being and lifestyle you’ve always wanted is within your grasp…

Are you ready to make it a reality now?

It starts with your inner thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour…right now.

External forces can negatively impact the performance of your training, but more critical to your success is mastering the ‘Inner Game’ of mind and body connection.

This means controlling your own conscious or unconscious doubts, fears and self-limiting beliefs, so no matter what’s happening…you and your workouts are thriving!

Is bodyweight training really easy?

One fact is certain, working smarter and harder is the answer…

To create real and lasting change in any aspect of your life, you must change your sub-conscious attitudes and beliefs, which in turn changes your perceptions, emotions and daily habits.

This is how you transform your bodyweight workouts and your life from the inside out!

Don’t feel short-changed here…get up and kick ass.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to reading your comments below…

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