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How to Achieve Your Goals Once and for All.

How to Achieve Your Goals Once and for All.

Discover how to stay strong and intensely focused for the next 12 months…

“Successful Goal Setting Is Belief In The Process With Step-By-Step Plan To Reach Specific Goals!”

It’s true to say without goals you lack focus and direction, that’s why goal setting as a process starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve…

The goal ends with a lot of hard work to actually do it.

In between these defined steps there’s a time frame…

Or range of limits within the specifics of each goal.

Your goal must be clear and well defined.

You write goals down to make them feel tangible and measurable…

Include precise numbers and time frame (time-bound).

Your goals need a way you can measure your degree of success.

Set attainable goals.

Make sure it’s possible to achieve the goals you set.

Set goals which are relevant to you.

Set action steps because no goal is achieved without this first important step in place.

It is vital you get out of your head and into your heart and then into action.

Without small, measurable action steps, your success remains nothing but a story.

Small steps and bite size pieces…

It is important not to get over zealous with your goals and do not take on too many at the same time.

Stick with one goal, one set of actionable and measurable goals.

Assign an accountability partner…

There’s nothing like a best friend.

He or she tells you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it.

Having an accountability partner is one of the best ways to keep yourself in line and in check.

There’s no greater or worse feeling than having to tell somebody you did it…

Or did not do something you were supposed to.

Holding yourself accountable…

Check in with yourself every once in awhile.

Make certain you ask yourself the hard questions.

And tell yourself the truth about why you didn’t do something.

Don’t make yourself wrong.

Just allow yourself to feel what you feel…

And then take the necessary action step to correct it.

Keep practicing.

Taking on the possibility of being self-disciplined…

Learn how to take on self-discipline.

Understand it takes practice and don’t beat yourself up.

Why keep practicing?

Because humans are creatures of habit.

We have to practice.

Practice acting in spite of fear, discomfort and inconvenience.

By doing so, you’ll quickly move to a higher level…

And your confidence will almost certainly increase.

The more you practice the better you become.

It’s the art of self-discipline.

Practice makes it become easier and it will become natural to you.

Talking to yourself?

Why it’s good to talk to yourself in order to achieve success?

Because in order to achieve success in all areas of your life, it’s important to watch the self talk.

The better you communicate to yourself…

The better you’ll feel and the more prosperity you will experience in all areas of your life.

Picture it this way…

Would you talk to your best friend the same way you speak to yourself?

Often times, the answer is no.

Be kind to yourself in words.

Momentum and how to effectively use it into your daily life?

Once you’ve practiced and got these skills, habits and mindsets in order…

It’s time to keep up the momentum.

The biggest mistake, when it comes to momentum, is that people start too big and fall short.

Allow enthusiasm and passion to fuel your momentum.

Rather than let all the action take responsibility for keeping up momentum.

Nothing fuels momentum more than excitement.

Use momentum in your daily life so it doesn’t overwhelm you.

Step every day towards your goal.

Find a point of reference that makes you feel excited.

When you are excited, you create your own momentum.

Create a plan…

Once you have the underlying feelings, you’ll begin to notice momentum building up speed.

However, you need to reign in that momentum otherwise you might get overzealous.

You may find yourself veering off into several other ideas and creative endeavors.

Create a plan of action as to where that momentum will carry you so it doesn’t carry you away.

Believe in yourself…

Above and beyond everything, belief in yourself is key.

Tune out the negative voices in your head and opinions of others.

Living a mediocre life does not lead to happiness.

Constantly wondering what could have been does not lead to happiness.

What does lead to happiness is living in your natural state of growth…

And reaching your peak.

Do you ever notice yourself and your thought patterns?

Which thoughts support your happiness and success?

Challenge the little voice in your head whenever it tells you…

“I can’t” or “I don’t want to” or “I don’t feel like it.”

Don’t allow this fear-based, comfort-based voice to get the better of you.

Failure is your new best friend…

Perhaps you can look at failure as a cycle of understanding what works.

And what doesn’t work as part of the plan.

Because fear of failure is actually more damaging than failure itself.

Once you get over your biggest fear and actually experience it…

You will see it’s not the big elephant in the room you once though it was.

Failure is not taking action, not taking chances and not taking risks.

The Reward System…

How to create a reward system that works for you.

Keep a journal, every time you have a success write it down.

Keep a journal, every time you have a failure look at your journal.

You want to see exactly what you are made of and where you can change a habit.

Whenever you reach a small goal, celebrate and boast about it.

Tell others about it, but don’t allow them to put you down.

Allow yourself to treat yourself every time you achieve a goal.

It doesn’t have to be big, but something that makes a connection in your brain in achieving goals reaps rewards.

How to Train Your Brain…

Play a new record and train your brain to have positive associations.

You can choose which emotion you want to associate success.

Is it fear of failure?

Is it joy, happiness and fulfillment?

Pay attention to your thoughts.

And don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts.

Yes! You have full power of choice.

Recreate your thoughts and you can change your thoughts at any time.

Change your thoughts to more positive feelings.

The Art of Visualizing and Manifesting…

Allowing the problem to sit for a while…

When you think about a problem for too long it becomes bigger and more unmanageable.

Journal the problem…

Let go of finding a solution the quicker you let go of finding a solution it pops into your mind.

Did you ever look for something and can’t find it?

And then the minute you stop looking, you find it?

It’s the exact same concept…

Pick an uplifting vibe and stick with it.

Get enthusiastic about how excited you are.

Keep moving towards your dream and make it happen.

Before you do this step, however…

you must know your short term goal and be enthusiastic about your specific goal.

Think about the long term goal and not how you will get there.

Focus on the short term reachable goal and you’ll begin to manifest at the speed of light.

Visualize daily…

Especially out in nature or where you feel inspired.

Notice more positive changes than negative.

Face your fears in small doses…

Then let them go as you realize you survived each and every fear you were afraid of.


There are many different forms of meditation.

Experiment until you find the right one for you.

Meditate at night so you reset your subconscious brain.

Let the meditation play as you fall asleep.

Your subconscious will pick it up.

Too many people force themselves to meditate in the morning….

But their busy minds are already on the go and it’s not as effective.

Stop holding your breath…

Learn to check in with your breath throughout the day…

Notice how tight your stomach is, let go and allow your stomach to relax.

The center of the body is the stomach…

It’s your gut and your gut doesn’t let you down.

How are you taking care of your gut?

Are you eating right?

Are you hydrating with nourishing water?


Working hard for 90 minutes and then taking a break?

Are you checking in with your intuition to feel your way through and getting out of your head?

When it comes to meditation, get out of your head…

Practice present moment techniques.

Use your journal and burn it if you choose to do this.

Practice, practice, practice.

Create Success Habits…

Do not set unachievable goals.

Do small steps and one new habit at a time until that one is in place.

Celebrate success both personally and with others.

Take a look at habits and what hasn’t worked.

That way you can figure out a new strategy for what does.

Write your strategy down and carry it with you to remind yourself.

The written word works wonders toward achieving goals.

Make a decision, if it doesn’t work simply make a new one.

Listen you don’t have to beat yourself up.

Always be in action and in momentum.

Don’t sit in analyzing mode for too long.

Keep moving towards your goal…

Delegate and learn how to say no.

Kick procrastination to the curb.

Reward yourself for every goal achieved no matter how small, especially for the small ones.

Write it all down…

Put it away and revisit it, you’d be surprised at how much you achieved.

Write it all down and the steps you will take to achieve each new habit.

It’s called learning to think and aim big for a reason.

If you already knew how to put all these practices into place, you wouldn’t need any training.

You most certainly can retrain your brain.

Simply, it just takes practice.

Give yourself time to practice.

The more you practice, the easier it will become.

To be successful, check your goals against the step-by-step checklist below.

This helps ensure you accomplish them.

Click here to learn how to understand your subconscious mind for goal setting.

This first step is an absolute belief and faith in the process…

Visualize what you want…
Write it down…
Stay focused…
Plan of action…
No time like now…

I trust these simple yet powerful tips helps you to practice.

These are the basics of goal-setting for success in life…

Follow through on all the steps…

And you’re on your way to thinking BIG and aiming HIGH…

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How to Achieve Your Goals

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