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How to Succeed In 7 Key Areas Of Your Life!

How to Succeed In 7 Key Areas Of Your Life!

“Here’s Your Cheat Sheet On How to Think BIG and Aim HIGH – Succeed In 7 Key Areas Of Life!”

At last here’s a simplified guide for taking back control of your life for living on your own terms and how to stay focused and motivated…

The problem we all face, every day of our lives is the ultradian rhythm.

This is a 90-minute cycle which moves from higher physiological arousal to progressively towards fatigue.

If you focus intensely and ideally without interruptions…

You’ll be more effective and productive.

But do this no more than 90 minutes at a time.

Take a real break for at least a few minutes to relax emotionally.

This gives your mind time to physically recharge.

Human beings aren’t meant to operate like computers continuously at high speeds.

We’re designed to cycle…

In other words, pulse between spending and renewing energy.

Nearly every task which creates enduring value requires effort with focus.

Even some levels of discomfort are accepted and tolerated along the way.

Remember our brain is deeply wired to avoid pain.

And the body uses pain as a danger trigger (survival mechanism).

This ensures you’re out of harm’s way (the faster the better).

And then we’re moving back towards pleasure.

It is important to understand you are not your mind…

You are much bigger and more powerful than your mind alone.

By learning to train both physically and mentally you can conquer your fear, expand your comfort zone…

And dramatically increase your personal power.

These are the simple 7 steps to how can you be successful in life.

Appreciate yourself…
Work out what you want from your life…
Plan the way you’ll move forward…
Set your goals into action….
Remember you are the most important person in your life…
Believe in your abilities and in who you are…
Realize other people have their own problems.

Training Goal

Set goals that motivate you to be consistent in your training.
When you set training goals for yourself, this means making sure the result is important to you.
And there is value in achieving the result.
Set goals that are realistic and achievable.
Set goals in writing within a specific timeframe.
Create a daily action plan.
Commit and stick with it.
Celebrate your small victories.

Personal Goal

Choose one goal at a time
We all have the habit of getting overzealous in our personal goals
Maybe you want to lose weight, diet and exercise, clean out clutter, take a class, earn a certificate, etc.
And then, we spiral out of control and fail at all of the above.
Begin to get excited and it will show.
The more you get excited about what you are doing, the more inspired you will feel.
And the more momentum you will create.

Career Goal

Examine and explore which area of your career is not working.
Ask yourself what your short term goal vs long term goal
Work fewer hours or have more fun and enjoyment.
Do you want to retire earlier?
Define short term, intermediate and what is your long term goal?
Once you have defined your goal, start creating a priority daily plan of action.
Pick five action steps, beginning with the smallest.
Take one small action step per day for a set amount of time.

Relationships Goal

Be honest about who you are.
Take a look at your actions.
Take note of thoughts.
And preconceived basis when relating to others.
Ask how you can show or contribute to help other people.

Money Goal

What’s your money story?
We all have positive and negative stories around money.
It’s your intention to uncover your money story.
You want to associate with your positive money story.
You want to uncover your negative money story.
And self-sabotaging habits surrounding money.
Start practicing positive affirmations around money.
Practice these daily.

Life Purpose

You can write your own brand new story.
Stop self-sabotaging habits and behavior.
Practice leaving the comfort zone.
Quiet your mind and get clear.
Make declaration to live life on your terms.

Prosperity Goal

Choose an area in your life where you want more prosperity.
Is it in your training, career, financial status…
Get in control of credit card debt.
Contribute more to savings and retirement.
Positive thoughts with actions create prosperity.
Take on the practice of positive thinking.

Spirituality Goal

Allow and accept who you are.
Meditate on what works for you.
Spirituality comes from within.
You accept who you are.
And what works for you.
Get beyond the mind and ego.

Finally for all of  the 7 key areas in life remember:

Get quiet…
Get still…
Write it down…
Take action…
Be accountable…
Follow through…

And it’s really important to celebrate small successes.

This implants belief in yourself that you can do it.

And builds upon the layers which leads to bigger success.

Keeps momentum and belief in yourself with enthusiasm.

Above all else…

It’s critical to ground yourself in deeply held values.

Knowing what you stand for is a uniquely powerful motivator for behavior.

This is true especially when the going gets tough…

And the temptation is to take the easy route of least resistance.

If you’re clear about who you are and what you want in any given situation…

Non-negotiably without excuses you can stay focused and motivated.

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To succeed you want to understand what you want from your life.

Plan the way you’ll move on.
Set your goals into action…
Distill an unwavering resolution to succeed…
Believe you’re a man of action…
Appreciate yourself…
Avoid conflicts…
Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas…
Believe in your capacity to succeed…
Always maintain a positive mental attitude…
Don’t let discouragement stop you from moving forward…
Be willing to work hard…

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How to Succeed In Life

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