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Low Testosterone?

Low Testosterone?

“Did You Know Testosterone Is Vital To Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Well-Being?”

For men, the primary hormone that contributes to a feeling of virality, good health and well-being is testosterone.

One question for you…handle with care or unlock your possibility to push your limits?

Your choice, right?

When people talk about muscle gain and lean body they’re usually referring to testosterone.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is androgenic in nature…

Meaning it promotes size and strength gains.

If you didn’t already know, testosterone is the hormone primarily responsible for male characteristics.

And reproduction in men…

So maintaining healthy testosterone levels is of the utmost importance if you want to look and feel good.

In fact, low levels of testosterone are associated with all manner of unpleasant symptoms.

Testosterone is responsible for a number of different functions beyond sexual reproduction…

Energy regulation

Cognitive function

Maintenance of muscle mass

Platelet formation

Including many other aspects of the endocrine system.

An interesting 1999 study published in the Journal of Behavioural Medicine…

Showed men who have slightly above average levels of testosterone are less likely to be obese.

And are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure or to have a heart attack.

There are potential negative effects of having high levels of testosterone.

These tend to be self-reported and behavioural in nature.

For example…

Increased tendency to smoke and consume alcohol, as well as a greater likelihood of injury.

The point of injury is an interesting one. Why?

Because it suggests men with high levels of testosterone are more physically active.

Of course this places you at greater risk of some form of injury.

What about the benefits of having high levels of testosterone?

Do the benefits far outweigh any potential harmful effects?

And maintaining your testosterone levels is increasingly important.

Especially as you age due to the natural decline in hormonal production.

As mentioned above low testosterone includes loss of strength, muscle, hair loss, erectile disfunction…

Low testosterone can occur naturally at any age.

Hormones are the important internal triggers which control your energy and health.

How to keep your body healthy, lean and strong at any age.

If you experience the effects of below average testosterone and growth hormone levels…

This can be the root cause of chronic problems such as:

Poor performance and fatigue

Restlessness and stress

Excess belly fat and loss of muscle mass

Lack of strength and power

Suffer from erectile disfunction



Lack of sex drive and decreased libido

And much more…

What if any of this sounds familiar to you?

Don’t worry because many men are in the same boat living in quiet desperation.

You want to be aware, understand and apply the right workouts.

The right workout that triggers natural testosterone and growth hormone.

Most professional trainers will never tell you about it…

So, how can you move ahead through the constant battle of stress.

The fear of being in the dark keeps you exactly where you are.

And negative thoughts increase anxiety about your health…

Then there’s the constant environmental threats of a destroyed immune system.

And not being able to produce normal amounts of sperm.

It makes you feel drained, depressed, guilty of bad embarrassing thoughts and habits.

And the longer you delay and wait it’s even more damaging to your overall health.

The longer you delay…

The more expensive it gets and further away you are from living your best life.

Do you recognize or understand the emotional and physical symptoms?

low testosterone

Do you even know what’s happening to your body on a daily basis?

Have you seen or noticed a decline/loss of strength, endurance or muscle mass?

Yes / No

Do you have difficulty losing fat/weight, along with weight gain in abdominal area (spare tire or love handles)?

Yes / No

Do you feel as though you are lacking in self-confidence?

Yes / No

Have you noticed a decreased interest in sexual activity?

Yes / No

Do you fight feelings of depression?

Yes / No

Are you lacking in energy levels?

Yes / No

Do you experience difficulty in obtaining/retaining an erection?

Yes / No

Has it become increasingly difficult to control your temper or are you experiencing mood swings?

Yes / No

Do you experience difficulty in concentration and focus?

Yes / No

Do you experience bouts of fatigue throughout the day?

Yes / No

Did you know high levels of stress can greatly alter your testosterone in a negative way?

Signs to look out for are low energy, always feeling tired, more emotional, overreacting, loss of motivation, feeling overwhelmed, noticing more problems going on in your life.

Too much stress elevates cortisol levels which negatively impacts growth hormones (decreases testosterone).

Get at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep each day.

8 hours is optimal for full recovery…

Also use quick 15 minute power naps throughout the day which are a big help as well.

Meditation relaxes mind and body which can also be done through the day.

Intermittent fasting can increase your testosterone levels as much as 400%.

Studies show not eating for about 16 hours using 8 hour window where you consume your meals is great T booster.

High intensity bodyweight training definitely increases testosterone naturally.

The key is to take advantage of different variations to make exercises harder.

High intensity, low reps train for about 1 hour for best results.

Plus start adding a lot of healthy fats in your diet…

Omega-3 (salmon)
Fish oil
Saturated fats (coconut oil)
Monounsaturated fats (avocado, olive oil)

Get at least 20 minutes of sunlight per day to get you dose of Vitamin D.

If not you might want to take a vitamin D-3 supplement.

All of these quick and easy solutions helps boost your testosterone naturally.

You should start making better progress faster.

Combined with a good bodyweight training and nutritional support you will be good to go.

When testing for hormone levels…

All levels (with exception of estrogen) testosterone should be at the upper end of of the “normal” ranges.

If your hormone level test results are not near the upper levels of laboratory test ranges…

The result can indicate you are not performing at your best, neither emotionally or physically.

Now imagine what a killer physique will do for you in your job, marriage, dating…

Winning the respect of others around you…

Rekindling an old flame…

And the most valuable benefit of all is better health and life!

Imagine your intimate relationships and everything seems to go your way effortlessly.

What if your NEW physique only took you a minimal amount of time to achieve?

Do you feel it’s worth learning how to increase your testosterone and growth hormone?

Building a manly, head-turning rock-hard chisel muscled body at any age…

Guilt free all without the negative emotional side effects.

And get stares from the opposite sex…

Want to boost your testosterone and avoid estrogen using a growth hack regimen…

Progesterone, Pregnenolone, Dhea and D-Aspartic Acid!

What if you’ve been diagnosed with low testosterone?

In the above report I showed how to identify the different low testosterone symptoms.

Now I’ll share a specific approach which is used 100% natural to boost testosterone levels.

The strategy boosts by more than 280% in a matter of months.

Not only can this get rid of “man boobs”…

It’s also a great way to get into physical shape and fully energized.

Feel better than you have in decades!

For example…

Let’s take a case study where testosterone is 155 ng/dl (normal reference range 348-1200 ng/dl).

Estrogen levels were high, estradiol at 46 pg/ml (normal reference range being 7.6-42.6 pg/ml).

Typically the doctor would put you on weekly testosterone shots, which suddenly gives some nasty side effects.

low testosterone

Keep reading and you’ll save yourself many months of extensive research and experimentation.

You’re going to have good days and bad days.

There are all-natural alternatives that work as doctor’s prescription testosterone without the nasty side effects.

Long story short you need to reframe your understanding of a testosterone supplementation of any kind.

The answer is you can boost testosterone by a whooping 590 ng/dl, and estradiol to 10.5 pg/ml.

All me to explain…

590 ng/dl not taking any testosterone.

Increase testosterone from 155 to 590 and my estradiol decreased from 46 to 10.5.

Testosterone/estradiol ratio 3.36 to 1 before and after 56.2 to 1.

Here’s How Natural Remedies Can Help To Skyrocket Testosterone…

And decrease estrogen without over the counter prescription drugs.

Here is powerful 12 weeks regimen that allows you to get results:

(1) Topical progesterone – 60 mg a day

(2) Pregnenolone (progesterone precursor) – 100 mg capsules every other day

(3) DHEA – 25 mg pill once a week

(4) D-Aspartic acid – between 1,500 and 2,000 mg per day (usually comes in a capsule of 500mg or 750 mg).

(5) Androstenedione (Andro, Androstene – 100–300 mg daily)

Androstenedione enhances recovery and promotes muscle growth from exercise.

How does Androstenedione work.

Androstenedione is a direct precursor of testosterone.

Dose Doses of 100–300 mg daily have been used without success.

Adverse effects can result in decreased endogenous testosterone production and increase estrogen.

Stimulate growth of prostate cancer cells.

May increase risk of heart disease in men.

Taking androstenedione orally in doses of 100-300 mg per day did not result in increased muscle strength or size.

And lean body mass when used for 2-3 months during weight training.

The Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 reclassified androstenedione from a dietary supplement to an anabolic steroid, a controlled substance.

Listen, there are many different reasons for low testosterone…

One is a result of low levels of leuten hormone (LH).

Low LH happens to many men.

LH is the hormone the pituitary gland in your brain makes to triggers testicles to produce testosterone.

Statistically sperm volume fluctuates…

From a low 2.0 mIU/L of LH, the reference range is 2-10 mIU/L.

Keep in mind some men get low LH without any identifiable reasons.

In question is D-Aspartic acid where recent studies showed D-Aspartic Acid increases LH.

Top doctors recommend shots to increase energy and strength with a substantial improvement in mood.

Testosterone is a steroid after all, right?

However, high levels of testosterone (as high as 1250 ng/dl) also has some unpleasant side effects.

The Nasty Side-Effects Of Artificial Testosterone…

The only way to safely boost testosterone is to increase your body’s own natural production of the hormone.

The problem with external testosterone shots is the body converts all excess testosterone into estrogen.

It does this using the enzyme aromatase.

After just 10 weeks on testosterone shots, estrogen can increase from 46 to 86 pg/ml.

This can result in gynecomastia (man boobs), shrunken testicle sac and gain in weight in a couple of weeks.

Your doctor may then prescribe an aromatase inhibitor to lower estrogen.

In fact, you might suffer from another common side effect of external testosterone supplementation.


This is where your body produces more blood cells and your blood gets thicker.

Specifically it can lead to heart attacks, strokes, hypertension and countless other life-threatening conditions.

At this point, naturally many men will stop taking testosterone because of this condition.

The Testosterone Alternative That Flattened Man Boobs Almost Overnight…

If you’re not happy with the idea of taking an aromatase inhibitor!

Good luck with aromatase inhibitors which are highly toxic.

Best to throw it out and stay away from taking progesterone.

Progesterone is the body’s natural aromatase inhibitor.

It also decreases estrogen.

Taking 30 mg of progesterone a day can reduce estrogen from 86 to 30 pg/ml.

It has the ability to work literally overnight to take gynecomastia and shrunken testicle sac out of equation.

What is you simply said goodbye to prescription aromatase inhibitors?

What if you decided to use progesterone to reduce estrogen levels?

You’ll probably discover progesterone reduces estrogen effectively.

But here’s what happened…

The ups and downs you get from weekly testosterone shots can drive you crazy.

Thirty hours after a shot, testosterone peaks; and thereafter it begins a steady decline.

Ten days later you are back to baseline.

Taking a daily topical gel stops the ups and downs…

Your doctor may prescribe testosterone gels?

All right, but the gels don’t work nearly as well as shots.

On average after six months on gels, testosterone levels can go back into 200 range.

For example…

Taking large amounts of gel only gets 350 range.

Rarely do gels help get back to normal, but no where near as good as shots.

So many different ways to go about reviewing the results, would you go back on the shots?

The way to think about it , essentially here’s where the magic happens…

For example this was a suggestion to increase progesterone dose to 60 mg.

This was to see if its anti-inflammatory properties could rival that of testosterone.

Progesterone general works as well as testosterone shots.

Progesterone can boost the body’s internal production of testosterone, which was mentioned earlier.

But the answer is to boost testosterone safely and without side effects…

Why add Pregnenolone, DHEA and D-Aspartic Acid?

For those of you scratching your head…

Testosterone from 350 ng/dl (on progesterone alone) to an impressive 590 ng/dl

Here’s how to get testosterone to even higher levels…

D-Aspartic acid can raise LH levels.

The problem with D-Aspartic acid taken alone can quickly deplete testosterone precursors.

Just to be on the safe side…

The three primary precursors of testosterone are progesterone, pregnenolone and DHEA.

These three precursors are listed in a scientific research as a means of reducing cholesterol.

This is healthy testosterone at “youthful” levels.

If cholesterol is on the high side, it makes sense to test all of them…

If safe doses of these three testosterone precursors are monitored and taken safely.

D-Aspartic acid shouldn’t be a worry in context to running out of testosterone precursor reserves.

So if your doctor supports adding pregnenolone, DHEA and D-Aspartic acid to your progesterone regimen…

Plan to take small doses, 25 mg of DHEA a week instead of higher doses of 25 mg a day recommended on bottle.

Research and clinical trials suggest several hundred milligrams a day of progesterone is safe.

The bottle lists a daily dose of 3,000 mg a day…

Based on statics you might take 1,500-2,000 mg a day.

Biochemically tweaking the regimen…

At the end of the day taking D-Aspartic acid to 3,000 mg a day instead of the 1,500–2,000 mg…

If I can get LH to 4 or 5 maybe testosterone can bounce back up to 700 which depends on your own target.

The underlying formula is safety first with benefits of the regimen…

For example…

A regimen of 60 mg of topical progesterone, 100 mg of pregnenolone capsules every other day…

25 mg of DHEA a week and at least 1,500-2,000 mg a day of D-Aspartic acid for twelve weeks.

You want zero side effects and excellent lab results.

All of these substances are known to be very safe.

The possible exception of DHEA in high doses (good idea to take much lower dose than recommended on bottle).

The clinical studies are clear on specific ingredients.

Google the safety of progesterone, pregnenolone and D-Aspartic acid in high doses.

In one study, subjects took 2,660 mg of D-Aspartic acid daily for 90 days.

Not only did they experience significantly higher testosterone levels and increased fertility…

Researchers also tested for serum abnormalities and side-effects.

Just for good measure…

It is a tested theory to take 6,000 units of Vitamin D a day to keep Vitamin D levels up.

Vitamin D is a hormone more than a vitamin…

And it has a symbiotic relationship with progesterone.

You would be cautioned to get your hormone levels tested regularly.

Yes! Getting tested maybe expensive, you can decide to only do this at six months phases.

It’s important to only ever use bioidentical hormones.

These are closer to nature and studies have shown are safe.

And more effective than synthetic counterparts…

If you are interested in learning more about progesterone, pregnenolone and testosterone…

Including relationship to cholesterol (LDL “bad” cholesterol) most Doctors prescribe statins).

Which essentially contributes to low testosterone.

Use zinc, boron and vitamin A to boost testosterone naturally…

Want to avoid the prescriptions and boost testosterone levels?

If you’re suffering from frequent fatigue and libido is also dropping off a bit.

As you may know, when it comes to hormone replacement therapy…

If you’ve heard of hormone therapy, then insist on bio-identical hormones.

These are much safer and more effective than synthetic hormones produced by many drug companies.

But if your testosterone levels are low…

There’s a simple plan you can use to help you boost your testosterone levels without hormone therapy.

You could try a daily regimen of 30-50 milligrams of zinc, 40,000-50,000 IU of vitamin A.

And 3 milligrams of boron.

This combination has been proven effective in raising testosterone levels, particularly for younger men.

Some men have been using 250-750 milligrams daily of Tribulus terrestis.

This herb can improve testosterone and free testosterone levels.

Also checkout this comprehensive list of 50 foods to help boost your testosterone…

For more information, visit AnabolicHealth.com

All of these foods, nutrients and herbs are available in natural food stores, vitamin shops, etc.

Consider giving these natural treatments a shot.

And they may effectively restore your energy levels and libido.

Click here to learn more about a recent study into low testosterone causes…

Low Testosterone

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