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Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness

Why Mental Toughness Is More Than Just A Mental Game?

Mental toughness is the capacity to react in a quick time frame to turn a negative experience into a positive one.

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow…

What is mental toughness…can it be a quick fix or does it take time?

Grab your pencil and learn how mental toughness adds up to the body you’ve always wanted…

Let’s start with how do you define mental toughness…

What does true mental toughness mean to you?

Is it simply thinking more like an elite, bad-ass extreme warrior?

Having a positive with never say die attitude?

Or can you just flip a switch inside your brain to be indestructible, tough, powerful and confident?

Is there a scientific proven athlete formula for mental toughness…


How do you transform body weight training, the exercise stress and tension into a powerful blueprint for success.

Do you have a clear goal in front of you?

Do you dream big, even if your’re competing against yourself?

When I’m in immense physical pain, I’ll climb deep inside my mind and dull the pain as much as possible.

Once the pain enters your head as opposed to your body, you can start to use excuses to pulling out.

Click the play button below to see short video on how to zone out, relax and enjoy the journey…

Yes, that’s why you need a way to distract yourself by feeling pleasure and enjoyment and why you’re doing it.

You learn to relax as much as possible and accept the pain so your tolerance to pain goes up…

Do you need deep relaxation skills with laser like focus and nerves of steel?

Instead of pretending pain isn’t there, just accept as much of the pain as you can and make a conscious decision that your body can handle pain.

You need to find right mixture of what’s driving you and the “why” body weight training sometimes is a struggle.

Your body and mind is stronger than you’d ever think…

mental toughness

Mental edge involves many goal setting skills including physical and emotional skills, because in order to be mentally tough you need to be competitive by nature…

When the going gets tough, the tough get going is one way to say it.

What is your goal?

What do you want to accomplish?

Don’t feed into your fears or worries, you need to set goals to earn and get results…

How do you conceptualize, cultivate and strategically position for your mental game…

How do you manage to withstand the most grueling circumstances and win…

You need to mentally aware and engaged with commitment, dedication and discipline to be in peak physical condition.

Why you’re stronger than you think you are?

You see, what you’re physically capable of is more determined by your mental strength than your physical capabilities…

Your body can go way beyond what your physical perceptions of tiredness or fatigue.

Your brain tells you “you’re tired. Stop.”

It’s trying to stop you from killing yourself.

The mental limitations kick in before the physical limitations do.

Your technical skills need to be sharp…

Mental toughness requires you to recognize the physical, emotional and mental sides of yourself and how each one affects each other…

Mental toughness training allows you to tap into emotional and mental intelligence, deep resources within your subconscious which drives you further and keeps  you in the game longer as often and consistently as possible.

Metal toughness has made me a tougher extreme warrior, athlete and capable of dealing with more pain.

Jim Loehr (1993) sport psychologist worked with many top athletes over the last twenty years.

Jim suggests the following definition for toughness:

“Toughness is the ability to consistently perform toward the upper range of your talent and skill regardless of competitive circumstances”.

Toughness is not about having a “killer instinct” or being mean or cold.

Loehr describes four emotional markers of mental toughness.

Emotional flexibility  is the ability to handle different situations in a balanced or non-defensive manner.

Emotional flexibility uses the skill of drawing on a wide range of positive emotions, humor, fighting spirit, pleasure.

Emotional responsiveness  means you’re emotionally engaged in the competitive situation, not withdrawn…

Emotional strength is the ability to handle great emotional force.

And sustain your fighting spirit no matter what the circumstances…

Emotional resiliency is being able to handle setbacks and recovering quickly from them.

Like other aspects of mental toughness, these skills can be learned.

For some people it comes more easily than for others.

The use of thinking skills, imagery, confidence building can be powerful techniques in enhancing mental toughness.

Mental toughness is being able to keep on performing whilst in extreme discomfort.

It’s the ability to mentally overcome pain, you’re brain is telling you to stop, you keep pushing yourself forward.

Training for mental toughness…

mental toughness

Visualization is a mind training tool which is incredibly important.

You don’t have to do anything physically, you can be daydreaming, meditating or walking…anything where you’re in your mind, playing it out in advance.

You’re imagining the start points where your body is saying, ”stop” or you’re physically hurting.

You’re mentally training yourself to push through those pain barriers and limitations.

You need courage and mental clarity to the situation to ensure you don’t do anything stupid, which is based on your previous training and experience.

For example:

Endurance athletes use the term: “pain cave.”

You have to get comfortable in the pain cave because it’s a place of prolonged suffering.

You know you’re going to experience it but you find a way to understand it’s not going to last forever.

The difference between “bonking” and hitting the wall mentally…

mental toughness

You actually can hit physical limits of what you can do, physically, mentally and nutritionally.

When you hit a nutritional wall, you bonk, you just have to stop.

Physical limitations can be kind of impossible to get through, but if you get a positive feeling and gain momentum, it feels like it transforms into a physical effect, realistically, it’s more of a mental wall…

That’s why giving yourself a mental kick always gives you a physical kick, does that make sense?

What’s the most physically grueling bodyweight workout you’ve ever done?

What’s the most physically demanding competition or event you’ve ever done?

What mental toughness strategies did you use to get through it mentally?

How do you apply a tougher mindset for more SUCCESS…

The game is won in your head, that’s the mental edge…

At the end of the day, you need the mental toughness and mental edge skill to reset your mind.

If your mind can keep you going, you can do and get incredible results.

Mental toughness means you need to feed your subconscious positive thoughts.

Mental thoughts are the ones which are going to get you through it all.

Power for everyday life, indestructible confidence, laser focus and nerves of steel…

This is like no other bodyweight program for strength you’ve ever seen or participated in.

It’s for people who take action.

It’s for people who actually want to exercise.

It’s for people who do what they say they’re going to do…

Share in the comments below, thanks…

Mental toughness

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