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Become Superhuman | Superhuman Optimal Beverage

Become Superhuman | Superhuman Optimal Beverage

“How to Unlock Superhuman Immunity Powers Boost Health and Enjoy Optimal Mind-Body High Energy!”

Bodyweight trainers have a unique set of demands on their bodies…

Want to experience a huge and immediate surge in higher energy?

Keep reading every word because it’s going to be most exciting message you’ve ever read…

Dear Friend,

Here’s a rare opportunity for you to unlock your superhuman immunity powers.

You can boost health and enjoy optimal mind-body higher energy…

Just like most athletes we all require a specific set of nutritional support.

What’s the missing link?

There are always big misconceptions surrounding nutrition…

This is the exact superhuman optimal beverage I’ve used to come back from brink of death.

Yes, on the brink of death isn’t far from the truth.

The result is arguably one of the most remarkable comebacks.

In fact, it has astounded many professionals in the medical community.

And this isn’t over exaggerated (more on that in just a minute).

You’ll be using three proven, natural and well-grounded ingredients…

Wait for it…

  1. Olive oil
  2. lemon
  3. Water.

Sounds way too simple right?

Three natural everyday ingredients…

However, when combined are synergistic.

Here’s a taste of what to expect with a few pleasant sweet surprises…

Want to radically boost your immune system?

Detox your body and improve your health significantly.

This is a blended concoction of whole lemon including rind.

Simpy add to water, olive oil and presto like magic you’re superhuman…

And you’ll discover it’s one of the most effective ways to start your day.

In fact, this elixir offers you so many hidden health benefits including:

  • Detoxifies liver
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Contains anti-cancer, anti-tumor properties
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps to decrease viral load and fight infections
  • Improves absorption of nutrients
  • Alleviates constipation and improves digestion
  • Improves energy
  • May offer cardioprotective benefits
  • May offer neuroprotective benefits
  • Reduces or stops swollen lymph nodes

Did you know lemon essential oil from lemon rind is antiviral…

And lemon juice helps to increase peristalsis which gets bowels moving!

Long story short…

Many years ago, on a daily basis I was dealing with serious health problems.

Multiple problems with broken bones, painful and debilitating injuries.

These injuries were sustained after 100 kph (65 mph) motorcycle road accident.

The list of fractures with soft tissue injuries are too numerous to list all…

Head trauma after being knocked unconscious for some time.

The mild to chronic memory loss persisted for a year or more.

Punctured and collapsed right lung.

Smashed rib cage, collar bones left and right…



Left and right forearm stress fractures…

left ulna

The foot peg pierced through leather boot and smashed left ankle…

ankle bone

Add to this injuries list a smashed right hand and wrist…

wrist fracture

right hand

hand wrist fracture

Including lots of deep tissue trauma with heavy bleeding and bruising…

Road rashes on back as leather jacket disintegrated in about four seconds.

Leather jacket burnt through and turned into mush from road impact…

It was shredded into ribbons and ended up wrapped around my neck.

Felt like anaconda squeezing the living daylights.

Intensive hospitalization in trauma ward with 12 months of extensive physiotherapy.

And experienced muscle wasting, swollen lymph nodes and chronic fatigue.

All the result of multiple broken bones, fractures and internal injuries…

Yes, I still ride and will continue to push the boundaries.

The motto is don’t worry about what you can’t do.

Focus on what you can do.

I knew I’d be back stronger and better than ever.

There is no place for self pity no point feeling miserable.

Whatever you’re going through make the most of it and attack it like a winner.

On the positive side of life we can’t let anything stand in the way of progress.

Because during my health and healing research…

Hidden on a library shelf I came across a book explaining the benefits of lemon.

As I continued to closely read every word it revealed a lemon olive oil drink.

It sounded like it wouldn’t really help.

To my surprise it did gently detoxify liver, boost immunity…

And reduce swollen lymph nodes.

Well, I started drinking this beverage on a daily basis.

The swelling in lymph nodes disappeared.

Energy levels improved drastically.

And not only that…

This drink happens to be delicious and refreshing.

Actually tastes good and I continue to drink it most days of the week.

Definitely keeps immune system strong with a healthy body to boot.

And helped to shred 23% body fat to under 7% in less than 6 months.

How to make this superhuman optimal beverage…


  • 1 whole organic lemon
  • 4 cups filtered water
  • 2 tablespoon of organic extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoon of organic coconut oil
  • Optional – 1 tsp of vanilla
  • 25mm (1 inch) piece of raw ginger root
  • 25mm (1 inch) piece of turmeric root

Note: (If you have nagging injuries – optional add 1-2 comfrey leaves.)


  • Wash and cut lemon into fourths
  • Add lemons, ginger and turmeric pieces to blender
  • Add 4 cups of cold filtered water (optional 1 tsp of vanilla)
  • Add olive and coconut oil
  • Optional add comfrey leaves
  • Blend on high speed for 60-70 seconds
  • Pour mixture through fine mesh strainer to remove pulp
  • Your beverage is now ready to enjoy!

Typically I’ll drink 250 ml (8 oz glass).

Save the rest and drink within next 2 days.

Note: (Make sure olive oil is organic, unfiltered and cold pressed.)

How it works…

Swollen lymph nodes indicates body is fighting an infection…

And can be a sign of liver and lymphatic congestion.

The swelling of lymph nodes reduces or resolves when liver is cleansed.

And this is precisely what this drink just so happens to do exceptionally well.

The extra virgin olive oil helps to increase flow of bile from liver…

This helps liver to release stored toxins.

When liver is cleansed lymph fluid is able to drain into liver to be processed.

And from this point it’s eliminated from the body…

The lymphatic flow improves and is better able to get rid of cellular waste products.

The vitamin C and flavonoids found in lemons with lemon oil from lemon rind…

Also help to fight off infections.

Lemon oil contains a constituent called limonene.

Limonene has potent anti-microbial as well as anti-cancer and antioxidant properties.

Limonene increases liver enzymes which helps to detoxify liver of carcinogens.

You may not be aware of healing and cleansing properties of lemon juice and lemon oil.

The lemon peel actually contains many powerful healing properties.

Research shows certain flavonoids from citrus fruit peels have anti-cancer…

Anti-tumor, cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

According to The Immune Restoration Handbook…

This simple concoction is helpful for people with chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS, cancer…

And symptoms related to immune system compromise.

This superhuman optimal beverage can benefit anyone looking to improve their health.

Boost energy, gently detox and improve immunity.

You’ve got ability to consistently cleanse your body of harmful toxins.

And infections…

Including all natural effective way to help keep you feeling vibrant and healthy!

Lemons from juice, peel to their seeds…

Lemons are the ultimate cancer destroyers.

The healing power of lemons…

lemon peel

Notes from Dr. Michael Murray, ND a naturopathic physician.

D-limonene and related terpenes have shown considerable benefits in animal studies in wide number of cancers.

Preliminary studies in humans are also showing promising results.

For example…

Six individuals with advanced cancers were able to stop progression for periods of time.

Ranging from six to twelve months while taking d-limonene.

Citing a University of Arizona Cancer Center study…

Murray noted further 43 women with newly diagnosed (operable) breast cancer who elected to undergo lumpectomy were given 2 grams of limonene daily.

This was prescribed for two to six weeks before surgery.

Blood and breast tissues were collected by researchers…

The researchers determined the level of d-limonene and its metabolites.

In addition to changes in systemic and tissue biomarkers of breast cancer risk or carcinogenesis…

Results showed d-limonene was found to preferentially concentrate in breast tissue.

And reaching high tissue concentration (average = 41.3 μg/g tissue).

Whereas major active circulating metabolite perillic acid did not concentrate in breast tissue.

Murray wrote citing the study…

Results showed d-limonene supplementation resulted in 22% reduction in expression of tumor markers.

Specifically d-limonene reduced expression of breast tumor cyclin D1.

It means good diet and nutrition is largely responsible for keeping cancer at bay.

Even stopping it altogether…

However you’re not likely to hear much about the truth in traditional medical community.

And mainstream media.

Fortunately there’s a way for you to discover the truth on your own…

Simply bypassing cancer information gatekeepers in the process.

The mainstream medical community and Big Pharma…

Both of which have turned cancer treatment into a high-profit industry.

They’re not going to tell you about breakthrough information.

And they’re not going to tell you about the various success stories…

Real live people who have had their cancers cured through natural means.

When the documentary series first aired (limited release) in 2015…

It took the Internet by storm with hundreds of thousands of views and shares within days.

Quite literally this documentary series has already saved many lives.

Legal disclaimer: This is not intended to treat any chronic medical condition.

And is not a replacement for medical attention from a qualified medical professional.


The Immune Restoration Handbook, 2nd Edition by M. Konlee & C LeBeau
The Lymph System and Your Health by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP

Superhuman Optimal Beverage


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