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The Perfect Diet?

The Perfect Diet?

Are you ready to change your health and body for the better?

May be you’ve tried to lose weight in the past and were unsuccessful or you’ve lost weight only to gain back more.

You already know diets don’t work for you.

To help make your life easier, keep reading to get your free gift especially for you…

Dear Friend,

Firstly, the fact that dieting makes people fat is not news.

Decades of proven evidence in scientific literature, it is amazing how few people seem to be aware of the fact long-term dieting is counterproductive.

The truth is diets for most people, never, ever work…

Still, there’s a very small percentage of people that can get results from any diet program.

Why? Because they’re like a machine, day in, day out they eat exactly what the diet tells them to without a hitch.

They ignore food cravings with sheer willpower…


They can suppress and plow through any emotional blocks.

And psychological urges while their brain screams for more food…

Now, before we get started let’s just say we totally understand where you are at and it’s not surprising or embarrassing if you might be struggling to lose weight.

Whether you’re a serial dieter, fan or not, you’ve most likely seen some new diet programs this month.

Aggressive, fad, new, celebrity endorsed, quick fix, low carb, low fat, hugely restrictive calorie counting…

Tasteless slimming shakes, juice only, raspberry ketones, no carbs after 6pm, no bread, no life, no chance!

So why in world do the majority of people insist and believe its logical to take such harsh steps?

Do most people expect to be successful with their weight loss goal?

Other than for medical reasons, body and brain does not respond well to drastic changes in lifestyle or diet.

The perfect diet could set-up the process for short term success…


Can you think of anything else in life, other than diets, where we expect so much from our bodies?

Would you really expect your body or brain to succeed with this challenge?

The end result is eventual relapse or perceived failure at some point, reducing your chances of ever succeeding.

You see, 85% of diets don’t work…

This is a problem that affects countless millions of American adults.

And to achieve great fat-loss success, it isn’t something exercise and diet alone can fix.

In fact, if you suffer from this common mistake, no amount of exercise or healthy eating helps you achieve the fit, healthy body you crave…

The big problem?

You’ve probably tried a few fad diets before, which didn’t work for one reason or another.

As you probably already know low-calorie diets are in most cases too aggressive and fast.

It’s a well known fact low-calorie present special hardships and gains are very difficult to sustain.

Maybe you’re thinking, here we go again…just another company promoting food and exercise?

You’ve seen the sexy ads…eat this, not that, do some exercise.

best diets to lose weight fast and keep it off

Most people want everything yesterday…NOW!

And if it doesn’t happen now we’re not interested.

And that’s why the ads work and fad diet industry is so successful.

They promise instant results…drink this and you’ll lose 7lbs in 7 days.

As soon as we hear losing weight takes months or years to achieve, we lose interest.

How many people lack patience…

Why is No.1 Body Weight Training different?

Bottom line around here, we ask the tough questions and cut through the lies and myths.

Let’s get right to the truth and have a whole lot of fun doing it.

What happens after the perfect diet program is done?

Is there going to be rebound weight gain?

To benefit from your well thought out body weight training, you need a nutritional program.

If a nutritional plan isn’t in place, you short change your fat loss, muscle and strength gains.

You don’t enjoy increases in performance, recovery and awesome results.

We understand you’re real person, it’s your body and it’s your mental and physical health.

We’re going to educate you, call it leading a horse to water, whether you choose to drink or not that’s up to you.

When you diet, your body does not want to lose fat because fat is a survival mechanism.

And your body is faced with the “famine” challenge and prefers to use precious muscle as fuel. Why?

Because muscle requires lots more energy to maintain than fat.

When times get tough, your body does will use muscle for fuel so it can survive longer.

Your body is designed to be incredibly efficient at storing body fat for times of famine…

Also incredibly efficient at adapting to whatever situation it finds itself in and in this case it’s dieting.

Diets only allow a very short window of opportunity before your body goes into panic mode.

Your body realizes there’s a threat of starvation as a result of diet (famine trigger).

You’ve got 5 to 7 days of reduced-calorie eating where you’ll see good fat-loss results.

Once you pass 7 day reduced-calorie threshold, your body slows down metabolism in order to hold onto more fat.

Did you know Weight Watchers is the world’s most popular dieting approach?

100’s of thousands of people jump on so called “the perfect diet” everyday of the year.

Online or offline there are the so called support groups, all hoping to finally get their weight and health on track.

Except, 85% never get there and they don’t ever reach their goal.

Listen, Weight Watchers have publicly said their business is built on a person failing…

And that’s why they are so successful.

If people don’t succeed, those people keep coming back and stay on Weight Watchers for years and years.

It’s not your fault…


Is it Weight Watchers fault?

Yes, it’s the fault of the whole dieting and nutrition industry…

People don’t fail on diets.

Diets fail people because most diets are designed and set-up to fail.

Do you think if they asked for a refund they would give them one? 

At the end of the day if it doesn’t motivate you to do it, you’re simply not going to do it… 

Weight Watchers and many other similar diet approaches which involve supplements, clubs, shakes or food restrictions never do anything to empower you long term.

They’ve dished out a bit of advice, given them a list of foods they can and can’t eat.

Made them stand on scales a few times, applauded like a bunch of trained seals when weight was lost.

And raised their eyebrows when weight gained…

Happy to take their money and then it’s game over.

Do they care if some people go on to develop a disordered eating pattern?

Probably not.

Onto the next one…

If you find yourself getting sucked in by the latest diet fad, take a step back and think about what you are potentially getting yourself into.

If the perfect diet sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

Think about the impact it could have on your health, mental well being, relationship, home, family life, social life etc.

If a diet is restrictive and promotes quick results, it’s likely it is going to affect your health in some way or another.

You want to be in control of your health and weight.

They don’t show you how to eat properly and how nutrition shapes your body and mind.

They don’t empower you with knowledge to be smarter, intelligent and self-reliant.

They don’t show you what foods and combinations of food actually make you feel good.

They just focus on the numbers and calories (strict calorie counting).

They don’t look at your lifestyle factors which affect your:

  • Sleep
  • Work
  • Exercise
  • Stress levels
  • Gut health
  • Immunity
  • Energy levels…

And much more…because it all really does count.

In fact, it’s probably more important than the food you eat itself.

Look, I’m being tough because nobody else will.

They’ll sell you the dream based on your passion.

That’s a lie…

Your passion is important, still it won’t help you make the right decisions or decide what to do, right?

You don’t realize this because the diet mindset culture manipulates, conditions and forces you to ONLY look at your body composition.

The reason people always go on diets is to lose X pounds and its all a numbers game.

For example:

I want to lose 50 pounds, so I’m going to eat X amount of calories…

the perfect diet

What if you shifted the whole mindset approach and focused on your health and lifestyle?

Is the solution to achieving healthy weight loss ridiculously simple?

What if you just stop eating foods that make you fat? 

Just stop eating fake food and eat real food…

If you worked on making yourself feel better, sleeping better, moving better, feeling happier and becoming more positive about the quality of your lifestyle.

Do you think it would positively affect your health and weight by default, especially if nailing nutrition and reaching your fitness goals is important to you?

Most people feel miserable on a diet…

They want to binge, cheat or have a day off.

They tell themselves that it must be effective, after all, no pain no gain, right?

They feel tired, lack motivation, moody, lethargic, lack-luster…the list go on.

So why should you or anyone feel like shit?

What we’re saying is, if you aren’t enjoying your dieting or training, you feel shit and your lifestyle is suffering, you really need to question the reasoning behind why you’re doing it.

The truth…it doesn’t mean it’s effective, far from it

So let’s shift focus on more than just the numbers.

Let’s focus on want you really want in context to your health and how much better you feel everyday.

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or an increase in performance below you’ll find a basic sheet.

Ideally print it off, sit somewhere away from all distractions and engage in the process.

After all, your health is priceless, right?

Print sheet, answer questions honestly and let’s see where your health is right now.

Fill this in carefully, it will serve you in achieving your goals and only takes about 2 minutes.

Just ask yourself, how much easier would a change of diet and nutrition be if you improved all variables?

What if you slept better, felt stronger, more confident, leaner body, moved better…

the perfect diet

The most important factor when it comes to nutrition is finding what works for you.

In context to ratio of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats which makes you feel good.

This is your starting point, regardless of your diet goal.

Once you’ve filled in the blanks, keep this info handy because it is meant to be for your benefit.

Once you’ve nailed this section you can manipulate amounts of food you eat to stimulate weight loss or weight gain.

Macro-nutrient ratios change slightly as your goal changes from fat loss or muscle gain…

This isn’t a huge change, you still need to eat according to primary focus of energy and performance.

And if you do apply some of the knowledge we shared with you, you’ll have a nutritional plan which is tangible.

You can see how your health is progressing and why your body is improving…

After all, this process is pretty simple to do via 1-10 scale.

As humans we want simple steps with daily routines to keep us going in the right direction.

We need to prove to ourselves what we’re doing is actually making a difference in our lives.

And improving in context to the worthwhile results we really want.

85% of people fail to see any results on a daily basis…

This is all about you…how you get the best possible results.

And in the process you’re transforming yourself for the better

More strength via body weight training and taking back control of your life.

Reach your peak…get in the best physical and mental shape of your life.

You want to get more out of life, right?

Are you up for the challenge?

Yes…simply click on image to download and print sheet out!

Basically, if you’re a women, this all about looking and feeling better about yourself by reshaping your body, because as body fat levels decreases, your feminine shape improves dramatically.

You won’t build large muscles via body weight training only lean, shapely, sculpted muscles.

Enjoy better health while you build a better body by eating right not less:

  • Lose weight / fat loss
  • Increase strength / stamina
  • Firm and shape your body
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Enjoy more self confidence
  • Better and healthier lifestyle
  • Look sexy and feel awesome
  • Start turning heads

Do you know how to tweak your diet so you continue to stay on right path week after week after week?

The real power behind the perfect diet is in the nutritional strategies and training program you choose to do. 

Have a good think about why you’re doing this.

Is it for you or someone or something else?

For example: Something new to do…a new goal, focus, challenge?

When you activate and stimulate your own natural metabolism properly, you’re in a much stronger position.

And you’ll find this is a far more powerful way to burn fat…

If this resonates with you, maybe it’s time to make some changes?

Answer honestly and check back for nutrition tips you can implement to help change your results starting today.



the perfect diet

And for people that like to go it alone, this helps you assess your health on a basic level so you can keep track, gauge changes and improvements.

Simply fill in the blanks using a score of 1-10, (10 being highest and 1 being lowest)

For example: if you sleep poorly most nights you might use 1 or 2 in the box.

Self-discover is a pleasure, nourishing your body, being lean and strong also requires a good dose of discipline.

And flexibility with fun are essential elements of your journey.

Most importantly, you need to give yourself permission to enjoy wherever you are in your personal journey… 

P.S. Would you do me a favor, what’s your most urgent problem or challenge when it comes to weight loss / fat loss?

Would you please take a moment to do that right now…

That way your valued feedback customizes information in context to what you want covered.

If you want to discuss issues you’d really like to touch on, definitely take time to let us know.

We prioritize and focus on delivering the right info which is more relevant and most useful to you, thanks…

The Perfect Diet

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