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Why The Unconscious Mind Is King?

Why The Unconscious Mind Is King?

Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind…

Firstly, do you know if the unconscious mind is running your life?

It’s now a proven fact the unconscious mind is running your life…

Will you embrace this new perspective by cutting edge molecular biologists?

Foremost is professor of medicine at Stanford University…Dr Bruce Lipton.

Dr Lipton says the new science of epigenetics has shown our genes are in fact controlled and manipulated by how our minds perceive and interpret our environment.

It was believed by science our genes dictated our traits and our genes form who we are.

The discovery clearly means we can change many aspects about the who we are, including our believes about health by changing how we interpret events and situations which happen to us.

For example, Dr Lipton shows if we interpret life in a positive way, we start believing in living a healthier and better quality life, regardless of the genetic make-up we’ve inherited.

A new belief around attitude, positive or negative, sends messages to cells in our body and can actually reprogram their health and behavior patterns.


Belief can even change cellular structure, transforming diseased cells into healthy cells.

This science is not based on Newtonian physics which says the body is a mechanical device.

And acknowledges the mind and spirit also play a role in who we are…

Dr Lipton explains there are two separate minds which create what he calls the body’s controlling voice.

There is a conscious mind, which thinks freely and creates new ideas ‘out of the box’.

The subconscious mind, basically a super computer loaded with a database of pre-programmed behaviours…

Most of which are formed well before we’ve reached the age of six.

The subconscious mind cannot move outside it’s fixed belief programs…

It automatically reacts to situations with previously stored behavior responses and patterns.

Subconscious mind works without the knowledge or control of the conscious mind.

This is why we are generally unaware of our consistent patterns of belief, attitude and behaviour.

subconscious mind vs conscious mind

In fact, most of the time we’re not even aware we are acting unconsciously.

Studies from the early seventies shows our brains begin to prepare for action just over a third of a second before we consciously decide to act.

In other words…

Even when we think we are conscious it is our unconscious mind which is actually making our decisions for us.

Our unconscious mind is running on automatic pilot mode 95% of the time!

Neuroscientists have shown the conscious mind works at best 5% of the time.

That means 5% or less of our decision making cognitive (conscious) activity is active during the day.

And 5% is for the more aware people, so many people operate at 1% consciousness.

Dr Lipton says unconscious minds operate at 40 million bits of data per second.

The conscious mind processes at only 40 bits per second.

The Unconscious Mind Is Much More Powerful Than Conscious Mind…

Yes, it is the unconscious mind which shapes how we live our life.

conscious vs unconscious

Most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behavior depends on 95% of brain activity that is beyond our conscious awareness.

95-99% of our life…decision making process is created from beliefs and programs from our subconscious mind.

This was revealed more than forty years…

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The subconscious is designed to create reality based on beliefs which is its programming.

So based on this belief structure it will prove the program is true.

What if you have negative programming in your unconscious?

Dr Lipton says 95% of the time you will recreate those negative experiences in your life.

This is based on the belief structure which is the program (operating system).

If you have ever taken time to analyse your unconscious thoughts…

You may understand the same patterns?

You may see that most of the programs your unconscious mind runs are based on negativity.

For example…

Fear based reality on what other people are thinking about us.

Fear based insecurity of not being loved and respected as we are.

The list is negative beliefs are endless…

So…how to get out of this endless cycle of old programs!

What Can You Do To Be More Conscious?

The power of unconscious mind is one million times more powerful than conscious mind.

95-99% it dominates your thoughts and actions…

It means most of the time the unconscious mind is running on autopilot.

Lipton says it takes a lot more than positive thinking to get out of this state of mind.

The problem…

As soon as you become conscious, the unconscious is back in control again.

Sound familiar?

The solution he suggests is meditation, hypnotherapy or other reprogramming approaches.

In fact, in the parallel field of neuroscience…

A number of experiments with Buddhist monks have shown they can actually change their brain patterns…

Regardless of their age by creating new neural pathways or neural linguistic programs (NLP).

The result of conscious thinking which is a mediation state of mind.

The same research also shows people who meditate on a regular basis enjoy higher immunity and lower blood pressure, among other health benefits.

Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover or can you?

The unconscious mind consists of the processes in the mind that occur 95% automatically and are not available to introspection and this include thought processes, memory, affect and motivation…

What if there is a new way of thinking about the mind and how it functions?



There are three parts to the mind’s consciousness and functions:

  1. Conscious Thinking (5%)
  2. Unconscious Physiologic Brain Functions (25%)
  3. Unconscious Thinking (70%)

(percentages are estimates and not observationally proven.)

What we are proposing is that we are aware of only 5% of what goes on in our minds.

And 95% is unconscious so we are not consciously aware of it.

We need the concept of the unconscious mind to explain the function of the conscious mind.

What are your beliefs on subconscious mind vs conscious mind?

Unconscious Mind

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