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How To Avoid Your Life Being Controlled By Fear

How To Avoid Your Life Being Controlled By Fear

Warning: Enter at your own risk you know this horror story is going to be scary…

“What Causes Fear? Your Relationship With Fear and What Can You Learn From Your Own Fears?”

The dark truth about what causes fear and biggest reason we don’t go for it or reach goals or are forced to do what we gotta do is fear and we all know it…

Are you ready to dive into your deepest darkest fears?

Let’s be honest, we all experience fear.

We all have our owns fears.

Each and every one of us…

We all have fears, so what keeps you up at night?

Dear Friend,

Are you a little nervous being pushed to the next level?

You still with me?

I didn’t scare you off?

That’s great…

If you’re still here…

There’s hope for you yet.

Hope for you to make a lot more progress that is!

Are you frustrated, angry and annoyed not being able to reach your goals?

Do you ever step out of your comfort zone?

Maybe you want to stop living safe?

Why not come and join us on the edge…

Kick fear to the curb and start living life on your terms!

You can become unshakeable and fearless.

Once you’ve got the foundation and momentum…

And strength with confidence to reach your goal.

You’re ready to unleash your power like a boss.

What if you didn’t feel fear and it wasn’t so intense?


If you didn’t feel fear you’d take action.

Understanding on a deeper level is everything…

Fear blocks action and causes inaction, procrastination.

Nothing earth shattering yet but stick with me…

Do you think it’s time to take your results to the next level?

Fear is an emotion we all feel…

So why do we fear?

Fear is one of our most basic human emotions programmed into our nervous system.

It works basically the same way as instinct.

Difference is knowing what to do.

Anyway if you’re serious about your bodyweight training…

You gotta know how to pull it all together.

What if a wise oracle whispers in your ear?

And shares a secret with you…

He or she whispers…

None of your problems actually exist so it doesn’t matter.

You know you are the creator of your reality.

You also know there is no magic pill.

Do you understand what scares you?

What are you afraid of?

Are you in the driver’s seat to experience your best ever results?

Imagine you feel a massive unrealized success gap within yourself…

Deep down in your heart you feel an extraordinary level of success.

You know you can achieve it…

A level of success so BIG it scares you.

Also you worry about falling short.

You fear you can’t achieve this ultimate success you desire and dream about.

If you feel this fear tightening in your chest…

And it’s deep within the pit of your stomach.

Listen the great news is this…

You’re on threshold of the greatest breakthrough of your life.

You’re about to make a life-changing discovery…

A breakthrough which removes barriers between you…

And the ultimate success you really want.

Imagine if you jumped into the ocean not knowing how to swim…

I’m not even joking about not knowing how to swim.

But how can you not love fear?

Seriously…“what the f*#k”.

Fear makes you feel uncomfortable!

But here’s the kicker…

It’s the uncomfortable truths about life that give us the most benefit.

If you use fear the right way it will help you massively…

What if you don’t face your fear and come to terms with it?

You’d most likely remain average…does that make sense?

On the surface level there are lots of people who give the appearance of control.

Yes, it happens all the time…

No wonder their progress comes so painfully slow.

It fuels self-doubt and causes low self esteem…

Sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, shame, guilt, right?

Let me be super clear because that’s exactly why so many fail.

You probably already know from the earliest time we’re infants…

We’re equipped with survival instincts necessary to respond to danger with fear.

Listen…we are human beings.

Does fear actually help to protect us?

Does fear set off avoidance and hold us back from progress?

Unlike the rational brain, emotions trigger a variety of instinctual attitudes and behaviors.

What is the psychology of fear?

Fear is a powerful and primitive human emotion.

Fear is a feeling perceived as danger or a threat.

It alerts us to the presence of danger and was critical in keeping our ancestors alive.

Fear can actually be divided into two stages…



The biochemical response is universal.

The emotional response is highly individualized.

On the physical side of fear…

Adrenaline and cortisol are released into bloodstream causing physical reactions.

Rapid heart rate…

Increased blood pressure…

Tightening of muscles…

Most people don’t realize fear puts stress and tension on muscles, tendons, tissues, joints…

And over time this daily accumulated negative effects of fear creates chronic pain and injury.

Simply becoming aware of fear is the first step.

And making tiny adjustments actually maximizes results with higher quality of life.

Press play button below to watch and listen to Sebastien Foucan explain our relationship with fear…

Is fear a choice and can you overcome your fear most of the time?

Did you learn understanding the CAUSE of fear helps?

Some of the most effective methods I’ve discovered for eliminating fear are counterintuitive.

And required lots of diligent research, testing and creativity to discover the cause.

In the research I’ve carefully scrutinized hundreds of relevant medical research papers.

The big take-away is you can make better workout decisions and accelerate results…

Click here to think big and aim high.

If you get in on the experience today it helps to live a life of fulfillment.

And without the frustrating constraints of fear holding you back.

After all, fear is mostly in YOUR imagination…

So make your oracle whatever you want it to be.

I’m not here to judge you…

However, I’m going to leave a link here for you to check out.

Your choice…

Only you know where you stand.

And only you can make the choice to change it…

Prioritize your life and keep moving towards reaching your goal.

It’s attitude and success mindset that comes from a feeling of excitement.

You want a clearly-defined goal or be it mission with purpose to defeat fear…

The good news is YOU don’t need to endure negative effects of fear.

Fear is just a point of view and imagination is always involved.

The day you live this truth and take unconscious control of your thoughts…

This is the day your fear and beliefs no longer have more power over your life.

P.S. Make sure your fear is being used for good.

Remember fear is good. Why?

Because you’re moving outside your comfort zone.

And now you can experience where all the magic happens.

You don’t have to go through it alone because fear can be overcome with practice.

What Causes Fear

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