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The Dirty Little Secret Of Bodyweight Training Secret!

The Dirty Little Secret Of Bodyweight Training Secret!

Success begins with one all empowering thought, so I dare you to think BIG…

“A Lot Can Happen In 29 Days So What’s The Difference Between Urgency and Scarcity?”

Are you a big fan of juggling or pushing your limits and to push yourself harder in your training? If you get the think BIG skill right your training results explode…

Are you a hero?

An ordinary person who finds strength to persevere in spite of overwhelming obstacles…

Seriously with that in mind you’re going to want to see. Why?

Because you can almost focus on nothing else…

You get a straightforward step-by-step way to results you want.

Juggling is all about rhythm, so if you want to be a clown join the circus…  

Dear Friend,

All jokes aside…

Juggling is a great skill.

However, it’s useless if you’re not a clown in a circus.

The best way to screw up training is to use the wrong skill.

Right now, the way you use your mind is a skill…

In fact, if you know what you want from a deep subconscious level…

The mind is so powerful you can literally do anything.

So the path to growth is clearer, faster and easier.

And make the journey more fun along the way.

It’s a total life changer.

It’s the reason why you need to simplify confusion…

Some people get confused about fitness progress vs personal growth.

Would you agree if you’re not growing, you’re NOT progressing?

True or false?

What does fitness progress and personal growth mean to you?

What’s the most effective bodyweight training that works for you?

Let’s agree on at least one fact…

You are one of a kind and unique.

There’s nobody else like you, right?

You have your own styles, tastes and ideas.

Everything about you and do is a reflection of you…

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach your goal?

Lean, abs, strong, fit, healthy, powerful mind and body.

Have you ever felt that feeling…


Sheer ecstasy…

One of the best feelings in the world…

The ultimate in healthy eating and hardcore functional (real world) results.

Now, maybe you know what that feels like…

Maybe you’re just imagining right now what it would be like.

Keep reading because this is where you’ll want to define who you are…

Defining who you are, finally confronting weaknesses (more about that in just a moment).

The obvious question is you want to KNOW if your training works for you…

That way you’d maximize your athleticism and actually reach your goals.

The truth, you’ve probably got doubts about how you stack up?

The scary part?

Finding your thinking BIG is holding you back.

I dare you to face it.


I dare you to do something about it right now.

If you’re honest…

Are you setting yourself up for costly failures?

Are you allowing how big you think to weigh you down?

You’ll see what I mean…

But what should you change and why?

Are high or low volume workouts better for muscle growth?

What if you eliminated the thinkng BIG fear of failure?

Even the most well-prepared and well-studied make silly mistakes.

Choices can often be filled with unknown hidden landmines.

I’m not here to fill your head with less value.

Listen, I respect your time and energy (hate it when people don’t)…

Maybe it’s personal?

You see, when most people get a “hiccup” in their life (or training)…

They freak out!

Why bother with blind motivation based on whims?

What’s the point?

Bodyweight training sounds complicated and intimidating to a lot of folks.

Yet it’s actually ridiculously simple.

Keeping it simple…do NOT skip this step!

You can do this without anyone holding your hand.

Simply, you gotta know what you want.

And you gotta stick to logic…why?

Because if you want to get outrageous results…

You gotta get past laziness, fears and roadblocks…

You gotta get past all the piss weak excuses and distractions.

Get straight to the point…

The problem is most people just won’t do it.

They won’t do what it takes to get the results they want.

I’m going to cover exactly what it takes to get past what’s holding you back.

Actually get you in a much stronger place where you’re working out consistently.

Super clear in mindset and killing it…

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

In essence, this is focused on you looking at your current situation…

And where you want to be in a specific time frame.

And all the goals you want to hit.

Do you focus on problems that are beyond your control?

There are so many problems out there you can’t control so it’s stupid to worry about them.

Stuff happens, right?

“OK, so how do you deal with it?”

Instead of “Oh, this happened…why me?”

Whenever you’ve negative thoughts…

Do you quickly think about positive and stronger thoughts?

Do you focus ONLY on what you want?

I’m a no bullshit kinda guy on a mission to help you find the fear.

Face and feel it…

Fight with it and be free from fear to live life on your own terms.

Yes! If that’s what you really want?

You see, your mindset literally holds one of the greatest opportunities for you.

Even if you don’t see it right now…

All three are a part of a plan to help make fitness simple and more effective for you.

To make nutrition and exercise habits a lot less mentally stressful.

That way you’ll be able to improve the quality of your results instead of compromising.

bodyweight training secret

Total body exercises provide you with benefits of building integrated power.

Using only exercises which work your entire body…

You need to work as many muscles as possible.

Using exercises which works everybody part at once to accelerate results.

Getting powerful, lean, strong and muscular focused on functional bodyweight training…

I’ll be super honest and transparent…

This is all about understanding how to correctly move your entire body.

You need to go back to real world basics.

And do it the right way.

You need to develop all athletic qualities in a synergetic way within the laws of nature.

Short and sweet, what’s the “right” way?

This is part of a bigger plan for you…

The difference aspects of training methods you’ll need for optimal power, strength and agility.

And is really a Yes or No decision…

As you know success is completely up to you.

You’ve access to every exercise each day and every week, right?

The first step in defining who you are is becoming aware of your emotional responses.

It’s your emotions that cause you to react the way you do.

Yes, it’s important to determine what your emotional triggers are.

Are you curious?

What kind of person are you?

OK, let’s answer some questions…

What if you think there is a secret magic bullet?

What if you like to make excuses?

What if you aren’t serious?

What if you’re skeptical?

What if you’re cynical?

What if you know everything already?

You already know if bodyweight training is right for you…

What if you took the skills and applied it to your life?

So you think you’re all set and getting the results you want?

What if you need more proof?

bodyweight training secret

Action is your key to exit out of the matrix… 

At the end of the day you gotta uncover your own truths.

Because it’s you versus you…

Too harsh?

Yeah, no doubt the truth hurts us sometimes.

But can a reality check light a fire under your ass?

Can fire in your belly motivate you to take action?

Do you want to make progress?

Do you want to take on a challenge?

Do you want to make a change?

You have big plans to look better…

Feel better and find purpose in your life.

What gives?

If you want to set the real you free from the pessimistic voice in your head…

You’ll have to do more than devise a battle plan.

There’s more to it than setting goals.

The secret is action…

Success is dependent on effort.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes or not?

It’s not enough to just want something…

It’s not enough to plan for it…

And it’s not enough to do it some of the time.

If you want to defeat your natural tendency to make excuses.

And avoid the path of least resistance.

Following the path of least resistance can become a habit that guides your life.

You can make choices based on what is easiest, most pleasant or least painful.

You MUST make action a habit…

Ironically, the life you desire isn’t found by avoiding pain.

It comes from contentment in knowing you’re doing what’s right…

Regardless of the pain.

This doesn’t mean every decision has to be the tough one.

It means the path of least resistance shouldn’t be your default basis for making decisions.

Consistency means today, tomorrow and every day after that…

What if you’re not making progress?

You’re most likely making excuses.

In the battle of who you are versus who you want to be…

Excuses are the white flag of surrender.

Are you willing to give up on yourself?

Then take action and get started right now.

There are three barriers people say are holding them back.

Time, money and the right training tools…

The right tools to take your body transformation to next phase.

Do you want a solution that eliminates all those barriers?

A solution which provides you with everything you need…

You can take advantage to build a strong foundation for success.

And make improvements in your level of functional fitness and body.

An incredible solution that requires minimal time to get maximum results.

Is there something I’m not telling you?

Your life happens now.

Live it without excuses…

The truth is, I want to help you with much more than just working out.

I want to help you reconnect with what it means to move mountains.

Either way, you can win if you think big…

Are you ready to think BIG and aim HIGH?

You want to experience success beyond your wildest dreams, right?

Let’s walk you through how to think BIG and aim HIGH in 7 key areas of your life…

bodyweight training secret

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cheatsheet to develop strength, power and agility?

What’s all this got to do with the bodyweight training secret?

Do you believe nutrition and exercise is about sacrifice?

Hardship and deprivation?

Is this approach working for you?

What if you’re physically and mentally burned out?

Why the bodyweight training secret is all about your mindset and attitude?

Now, I want to challenge you to separate yourself from the herd mentality.

And stand on your own feet like a leader and winner in the physical game of life.

You want a “cat” like rhythm in your mindset, attitude, movements and reflexes.

These qualities include balance, muscle control, flexibility, joint stability  and more.

It’s not a secret that bodyweight training is awesome for building muscle!

You want to develop athletic “cat” like skills to build strength and muscle…

You need strength to keep building up your agility athletic skills. ​

Skill builds strength and strength builds skill. ​

The two are complementary in helping you achieve your goals.

They are however both different in how you train.

Success doesn’t depend on using any particular program or routine.

It’s more to do with how well you ​progress in the routine you’re currently doing.​

​It’s the logical step-by-step incremental progression which gets amazing results.

Not the fact you’re doing the latest workout fads, tricks and gimmicks.

Bodyweight training skilled based time tested and proven with unbeatable principles…

Pure bodyweight

Become superior (physical and mental)

Total body training

Focused on specific exercises

Be progressive

Now, I want to not only challenge you…

But also inspire you to greatness…

And share with you real strategies to be a modern kick-ass warrior or gladiator!

Show you the science, wisdom, blueprints, proven methods and progressions.

These are all the key elements combined…

And it makes your success almost inevitable.

All you need to do is apply it to your bodyweight training.

It means the difference between consistent smart training.

You get to experience all the benefits of strength, speed and agility.

Naturally, all three go hand-in-hand as one powerhouse package.

So are you ready to set and achieve outrageous goals?

This takes intentional leadership…

And it takes being realistic and focused on rhythm and results.

Bodyweight training can be incredibly powerful and a great way to build strength.

But not if no workouts are getting done.

Would you agree ONLY you can hold yourself back?

Only you can make the decision to help yourself.

You want help to think BIG and aim HIGH?

What if this just sounds too simple?

You have two options…

You can progress or make excuses…

thinking big

Wouldn’t it be great if you experienced the joys of daily success?

I’m not here to judge you…

However, I’m going to leave a link here for you to check out.

Your choice…

Only you know where you stand.

And only you can make the choice to change it…

Click here to Think BIG and aim HIGH!

P.S. Are you ready to experience success beyond your wildest dreams?

The cheatsheet below gets you thinking BIG to reach peak fitness year after year…

Grab your Think BIG cheatsheet and  live life on your own terms

Want to stay intensely focused, motivated, inspired and going strong?

Join the success movement…think BIG and aim HIGH!

You can transform your mind, body including the way you workout and live.

If you’ve any burning question that wasn’t answered here, feel free to ask…

Bodyweight Training Secret

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